What Do Criminal Defense Lawyers Do?

Criminal lawyers specialize in criminal law. They prosecute people who commit crimes that are considered harmful to the public. Crimes like domestic violence, violent crime, sex crime, theft, and drug offenses are handled by criminal defense lawyers.

If you or your loved one has been involved in a crime case and needs legal help, speak to a Jersey City criminal lawyer to discuss your situation and find out what the best approach will be for you.

1. They explain your rights, options, and potential criminal liability.

If you are not trained or have no knowledge of the law, you will most likely not know your rights or options in a criminal lawsuit. A criminal defense lawyer will explain all your rights, potential liabilities, and options to you before charges are filed.

2. They thoroughly investigate the allegations and secure all relevant evidence.

The second role of a criminal lawyer involves in-depth investigation and research and gathering vital and any relevant evidence. From checking police reports to conducting interviews and collecting other documents relative to the case, a criminal defense lawyer does all of these things with their team. Gathering relevant evidence makes a case strong.

3. They represent you before the police and prosecutors.

You must have seen in movies when someone is getting arrested, and the police officials always say, “You have the right to remain silent.” Well, you indeed do. Be informed that the police are not on your side, so you should not speak in front of them unless you have an attorney by your side. Anything you say could be used against you in court later.

4. They advocate for you in plea bargain negotiations (if appropriate).

Your lawyer will advocate for you in a plea bargain negotiation if it is appropriate. A criminal defense lawyer can make negotiations with the prosecutor to minimize penalties, reduce charges, or find alternatives for jail time.

5. They prepare a robust and well-supported defense strategy to take a case to trial.

A criminal defense lawyer must develop a strong strategy once their client’s case is tried. A strong and well-supported strategy involves organizing and presenting vital evidence, cross-analyzing witnesses to match their statements, selecting a jury, etc.

6. They ensure that you are protected from an unjust criminal sentence.

A criminal defense lawyer will protect their client from an unfair sentence. When an individual is convicted in a trial, they receive sentences. Sentencing is a crucial factor in criminal cases. Your criminal defense lawyer will work with the collected evidence and their knowledge of the case they received through investigation to help you avoid an unjust sentence.

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