What do you consider to be the best toy for your little one? Wood or plastic, that’s the point.

Do we debate? Wooden toys vs plastic toys

Life is full of indecisions. Beer on a terrace or wine in a cool place? Do I wear socks or not if the weather says it will be cool? Do I buy another red passion lipstick or am I worth the other eight that I have? Come, ok, let’s talk about our kids. Every day we make decisions thinking about giving them the best. Also about toys?

There are times when we have the most rebellious day and we run away from everything that is pink. Others think of our pacifist side and explain three times (or more) that guns are not good. Or, what do I know, we fill them with paints and watercolors while they look at us thinking, “Mommy, do you see Picasso’s face or what?” “Well, little one, Picasso’s not, but do you know who Banksy is? Well, that. ”

When a birthday comes, Christmas or any celebration worth its salt, headaches appear on which toy to give away. You want to surprise, educate and innovate. All in one. Choosing a wooden or plastic toy may appear in your inner debate. Which is better for your little one? Let’s review the pros and cons.

Jellycat is also the best toy for your kids you should consider that make your kids more happy.

What do you consider to be the best toy for your little one? Wood or plastic, that's the point.

Wood toys

In favor

They last longer. So brothers or cousins ​​may inherit them. Its useful life is longer due to its firmness. They are usually made of solid wood so they weigh more. This usually causes them not to be thrown or hit as much as plastic ones. In addition, they are usually larger toys, even one piece, which makes them more resistant.

They respect the environment. Look at their technical datasheets. Today, wooden toys are usually made with certified sustainable wood, from a nearby environment. In addition, waxes and dyes are natural, toxic-free. This feature favors that they can be used since babies can bite them without worries. To know more about the wooden toys visit poppybabyco.


They’re more expensive. Well, we should not generalize but current wooden toys meet sustainability requirements and the design is usually very elaborate. What can make some have a higher price?

Plastic toys

In favor

There is more variety. Compared to wooden toys, the breadth of plastic toys is very wide. Since it is a 100% malleable material, it favors the creation of all kinds of designs, shapes or sizes. Think of the toy you want, it sure exists in plastic.

They are easily cleaned. We know that toys end up in the mouth, on the ground and in you go to know where. No one can deny that plastic toys are cleaned quickly, even some of them can be put under the tap and rubbed with the scourer if necessary.


They may contain toxic. Although the legislation has advanced a lot in recent years, we must look closely at some details. As an example, bisphenol-A (BPA): banned in some countries, this chemical is considered endocrine disruptor and can alter the hormonal balance. The European Union has only banned it in bottles. The presence of PVC in plastic toys has also generated debate.

Conclusion of the debate

What do you consider to be the best toy for your little one? Wood or plastic, that's the point.

We are not going to tell you which toy to choose for your little one. You, mommy, you know what he likes best, what attracts him until he abstracts and forgets about the world or what he could use to become a total destroyer and break it in three seconds.

In Moraig the Store we have the theory that the decisions we make with and for our kids are the best. Okay, some days will be more successful than others. But we have enough on us to judge, don’t you think?

So depending on the age, your child’s temperament, her hobbies, how she carries out the development of her abilities or what needs she has will be the key to deciding. Yes, we know that design also counts because of we all like beautiful things, kids and adults. And the funniest still.

Sometimes they will be wooden, sometimes plastic. Some toys will succeed more than others. And, in the end, we will stay with the happiness they believe in the family, right? As you see it?