What Factors Make Overnight Desert Safari Deal the Best One?

One of the most favourite destinations among tourists, Dubai, famously known as the city of gold, nestles numerous attractions and fun activities. A trip to this emirate is certainly fulfilling as it provides ample options for fun, entertainment and thrill. From dining at At.Mosphere, world’s highest restaurant to zip lining amidst the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai, there’s a lot to do here.

Dubai Desert Safari – An Experience of a Lifetime

Among all the activities and adventures it offers, Dubai desert safariis certainly one of the most popular. Having received international recognition, it is an expedition that offers a different experience as compared to other activities that tourists get to enjoy in the desert. It takes them to a different journey that they have not experienced before.

Packages and Deals in Dubai Desert Safari

Numerous tour operator companies offer different Dubai desert safari deals and packages. This makes it convenient for tourists to select one that suits their budget, matches their requirement and allows them to enjoy the safari at the time that is easy for them. Generally, deals are categorised with regards to time, while packages differ in terms of price and features included.

Talking about deals, companies usually offer morning, evening and overnight desert safari. And if you want to have the best experience of exploring the desert, we would recommend going for the overnight deal.

Factors that Make Overnight Desert Safari Deal the Best One

Take a look at some of the major factors that make overnight desert safari deal the best one:

A Unique Camping Experience

This is the primary factor that sets this deal apart from the rest. While in other deals, you would spend a few hours in the desert and then head your way home, if you’ve opted for the overnight deal, you can spend the night in the desert. Surrounded by the majestic sand dunes, it is going to be an experience that you will cherish forever.

Tour operator companies have their campsites set up in the middle of the desert. These sites are secured and laced with based and advanced facilities. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting an uncomfortable sleep or any security risk. You will be provided with a neat and clean mattress/sleeping bag and blanket. There’s ample supply of water and other beverages at the campsite. Thus, you will be covered from every aspect. Furthermore, the campsite also has separate toilets for men and women.

It is a complete family-friendly option; therefore, you can bring your family along and spend some memorable time with them.

Delicious Three-Course Meal

Delicious food can certainly make any experience better. And this is another point where overnight deal scores over the rest. Guests, who have opted for this deal, are served with a scrumptious meal that is divided into three sections – an appetiser, main course and dessert. You will find some of the finest Arab delicacies in this meal.

Generally, companies also offer different options for non-veg and veg food lovers. You would need to share your preferences with the company at the time of booking the package.

Mesmerising Sunrise and Sunset Views

The mesmerising sunset views make this deal even more special. You wouldn’t find such views anywhere else. So, keep your cameras ready and smartphones fully charged to capture these beautiful views.

The added bonus, in the overnight deal, is the spellbinding sunrise views. The sight of the sun rising from the sand dunes is certainly the most beautiful thing you’d get to see during this expedition.

These two, sunset and sunrise, views alone make this deal worth it. So, if you want some Instagram-worthy clicks, book an overnight deal right now!

Live Shows and Performances

To make this trip even more special and entertaining for guests, there are live shows and performances arranged at the campsite by the trip organisers. These include fire shows, Tanoura shows, belly dance performances etc. However, they may vary from company to company. It is important to get details about the performances and shows included before booking the deal.

A Host of Activities

Every deal of desert safari has a plethora of entertainment options. Guests can take part in numerous activities, including but not limited to dune bashing, camel riding, sandboarding, Quad bike riding, etc. Women can get henna designs from professionals while there are also Arab costumes you can wear and get clicked by photographers.

All these activities make the desert safari more fun and exciting.

There you have it! These are some of the reasons why we recommended tourists to opt for the overnight desert safari deal, instead of the other two. While they also have their own perks and special features, overnight deal surpasses them due to the supreme factors discussed above. Choose the VIP/Elite package if the company offers to have an even more special trip.