What is CRM software in real estate?

CRM for real estate is vital. It helps not only to track the efficiency of realtors, with its help you can track up-to-date information on objects, as well as the reliability of buyers and sellers themselves. In addition, many CRM systems allow you to automatically upload ads to messengers and on sites.

Automation of routine tasks helps to save the most important resource of any real estate agency – time. Imagine that your realtor will be able to do basic business from his smartphone. So he doesn’t have to go to the office between real estate shows to make a report in Excel or drive ads manually. However, not every CRM system has the necessary set of tasks. And only a preliminary competent analysis of proposals will allow you to choose the best option not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of cost. A company providing real estate software development services can also help you make a choice.

Main functions of the CRM system for real estate agencies

Work in any field is evaluated by its effectiveness. Computer programs, robots, machines, etc. help to achieve good results, improve efficiency and increase sales today. Enterprises providing various services to the population did not stand aside and are happy to use modern labor organizations in their practice, including real estate companies. Computerization of real estate services is a set of programs included in CRM for the agency.

A CRM system for a real estate firm can work at the same time from both a computer and a mobile device. This program has a flexible interface that is convenient to communicate with. The level of access to the system is set depending on the position and looks something like this:

  • Management, owners of the enterprise.
  • Office managers.
  • Specialists (realtors).

An employee of the company working in the CRM system can use any information stored in it and simultaneously update the database, replenishing the program archive with the results of his professional activities: creation, selection, editing, execution of the transaction. The entire history of the real estate agency’s work is entered into the CRM for real estate, which allows you to keep analytical records of the results of its activities.

The CRM system for a real estate has two more important functions:

  1. Ability to use multi listings. 

A single database of real estate for sale or rent is available to all users of the CRM program. In turn, each participant of the system enters new information on their facilities, which immediately becomes known to other operators.

  1. Automatic uploading of ads to real estate portals.

After the data on the object ends up inside the CRM for the real estate, the company employee gets the opportunity to send them to the Internet to dozens of specialized sites. The system generates a special file of type “xml feed” and uploads it to the external sites to which it is associated. These can be both personalized hubs of well-known portals and little-known hosting services. The xml background gets into the database of these Internet resources, and from there ads are distributed to thematic pages on the network. Such automated unloading can be free of charge or have customizable paid options.

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Advantages of working in CRM for owners and employees of a real estate agency

A real estate agency using such a CRM program significantly improves the quality of customer service, increases market coverage and the number of successful transactions, processing of information received is much faster. In more detail, the main advantages of working in CRM look like this:

  • Employee productivity is increasing. Realtors and their assistants get a powerful tool in their hands that allows them to perform their duties much faster and better.
  • The efficiency of the agency is also increasing due to the simplicity and convenience of the CRM program interface. Even new employees get used to it quickly in the working environment. 
  • Automatic uploading of ads to the network will increase the coverage of the target audience tenfold. To do this, you only need to regularly enter data on new objects and terms of the transaction in the CRM system.