What Is Magento? The Popular eCommerce Platform Explained

Magento eCommerce is the world’s #1 multi-channel e-commerce platform that combines incredible flexibility, versatility and enables projects of any level.

The Magento platform is suitable for both large and up-and-coming small businesses. It allows you to manage more than one online shop, analyze sales, generate various reports, use marketing tools and create a functional website using downloadable plugins. However, due to its high functionality Magento development requires technical knowledge (magento website development services). Today there are 150,000 online shops on the Magento platform. As the product is aimed at the American and European markets, its basic functionality does not meet Runet’s needs.

There is no need to describe the functionality of Magento, as any online shop can be made on this engine. Among the advantages: there are huge built-in functionality, as well as scalability and extensibility. It is also worth noting that a huge number of extensions/modules have been created for Magento. Half of them are free and the other half are inexpensive. The same can be said about templates: on Template Monster to this CMS you can find 700 templates for all popular topics. So there are a lot of advantages, but there are also disadvantages.

This platform requires significant server resources. Magento requires a certain level of programming skills, so a lack of expertise in this area can increase the overall cost of setup. Although Magento’s functionality requires a significant financial investment, already in the basic free package the platform has many important features for starting a business.

Magento is the absolute leader among eCommerce platforms in the world. It has the largest market share of 30%. Founded in 2008, Magento is the absolute leader among multichannel eCommerce platforms for B2C and B2B markets worldwide. And what about the flexibility of the platform? That’s right there too, as Magento is open-source, allowing the integration of any extension or module. There are many plugins and extensions available for this platform.

Magento allows you to increase customer interest, drive repeat sales and reward loyal customers by increasing their LTV in a planned and effective way. Magento is configured to be best indexed and ranked by search engines. Magento supports an unlimited number of versions and types of online shops for different markets, including multilingual support, multiple currencies and taxation systems.

Magento is suitable for shops with any type of assortment: household appliances and electronics, fashion, food retail, DIY, FMCG, children goods etc. The flexible product catalog is ready for different product types: simple, configurable, digital, in sets and kits, etc. Powerful search and navigation tools help the customer quickly find the right products on the online shop website. Magento platform projects can withstand high loads: with an influx of visitors during promotions and sales, a large number of orders, constant user activity. Websites are fast, so they have higher conversion rates and rank better in search engines.

The modern shopper demands an integrated retailer presence across all sales channels and appreciates it. Magento supports all major multi-channel customer interaction scenarios with the shop, providing up-to-date information and quality service across all available channels. The platform leads in the number of ready-to-use integrations with e-commerce services. This makes it possible to provide customers with a convenient and familiar service, a variety of payment and delivery methods already at the start of the online shop. The Order Management System (OMS) allows the customer full control over the processing of their order in any interaction channel, making changes and making returns easily and conveniently.