What is so great about Fortnite?

If you say you haven’t yet heard of ‘Fortnite’, you must have been living in a cave! Yes, Fortnite in today’s world is that popular! Fortnite is actually a videogame but it is not just an ordinary video game; it’s a revolution in the gaming world after ‘Minecraft’. It was first released in 2017 by its maker company Epic Games and by 2018 it had become a new cultural sensation. Reportedly, there is a total of 125 million active players in this game (As of January 2018). Game analyzers have been seeking the reason behind this humongous to a conclusion that even though it seems like an overnight success, it is not. There are reasons why Fortnite is the best videogame of this era and we’ll try to discuss the basic reasons below in a nutshell-

  • It is Free:

The biggest reason for the game’s success is probably the simple yet mind-blowing fact that it is free to play! While to play most of the video games, you need to make a one-time purchase, the makers of Fortnite have played it smart by making the game completely free. They make money only through micro-transactions. You don’t have to pay a single penny to enter or upgrade to a more difficult level in the game. You will only have to pay if you want cosmetic up-gradation, i.e. if you want to buy a more dashing battle-suit or a more fiery-looking gun. But that is not mandatory and that does not affect your access to the game in any way!

  • Moments to share:

What makes Fortnite so fun is how its makers designed it to be a blank diary where you can share your personal moments of glory. A player, when first enters the world of Fortnite, gets so swayed by the various adventures that his/her avatar goes through, that it becomes impossible for a player to resist to proudly share his/her first achievement of Victory Royale to their family and friends! The blooming of Twitch Streams is part of the shareable feature of this game. The design of the game allows the players to highlight their accomplishments in the platform and thus the reach and visibility of the same platform are increased. That’s a win-win situation!

  • Intriguing Design

The success of Fortnite also hugely depends on its unique design and smart settings. Killing people is here is not only about shooting skills with fiery weapons. It’s not mindless shooting and killing. It’s a hunt and that’s what provides the thrill to its players. The players undertake the risks to get the rewards. The world in Fortnite is cartoonishly pleasing and there is a rolling buffet of different environments. Unlike many other video games, Fortnite lacks any kind of gory elements including corpses, making it more welcoming to the kids.

These are the primary reasons that the game analyzers think are behind the tremendous popularity of Fortnite, leaving many of its contemporaries behind. From seasoned gamers to bored teenagers, everyone is hooked to this new cultural phenomenon and after analyzing the designs behind it, it is safe to conclude that the success of Fortnite is not going anywhere any soon!

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