What Is Stress And How To Manage It

Stress is your body’s reaction to emotional or physical tension. Stress causes chemicals and hormones in your body to hike because of a threat or a demand. There is a comparison of stress depending on your current situation. An example of positive stress is when a dog chases you, and your positive stress reaction runs. 

Your body’s physical reaction to run, and the emotional reaction, which is fear and tension(stress), will save your life. An example of negative stress is when you lack food, and your body’s physical reaction is weak, and the emotional reaction, which is moody, will affect your health. Stress can make you feel anxious, nervous, angry, and sometimes frustrated.


Symptoms Here are some of the emotional symptoms of stress.

Becoming easily frustrated, irritated, and moody.

If you find yourself sad and irritable most of the time, you might be stressed. It would help if you talked to a therapist or meditated to know what is stressing you.

Feeling anxious and cannot settle your mind.

When you feel like things are getting out of control and overwhelmed, it is a sign that you are stressed. Talk to someone or seek medical attention to calm you down.

Feeling low about yourself and avoiding others.

Feeling so low and worthless about yourself is an indication of stress. When you feel bad about yourself, you avoid other people and keep everything to yourself. Having this symptom is a clear indication that you are stressed.

Here are some physical symptoms of stress.


When stressed, you will most probably have sleepless nights. Lack of sleep is commonly associated with stress. If you have insomnia, seek medical help as soon as possible.

Constant headaches

Stress causes constant headaches, and even at times, other body parts experience pain like chest pain. The lack of sleep due to stress (insomnia) can cause headaches. Once you realize this, please visit the nearest hospital for treatment.

Stomach upset.

Stress can interfere with your digestive system, and because of this, you might experience diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. When you have a stomach upset for a while, you need to visit a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

You can experience the above symptoms when under a lot of pressure, worrying about something, especially if you do not know the outcome, and being overwhelmed by responsibilities.


Being stressed for a long period can make your life miserable. Here are some of the results of being stressed all the time.

Depression and anxiety.

Being stressed for a long period leads to depression and anxiety, which interferes with their mental health. You are advised to seek medical help once you feel sad because it is a sign that you could be depressed.

Heart disease.

You might develop heart complications because of being anxious all the time. Anxiety makes your heart pump faster, which might lead to heart problems if this goes on for a long time.

Reproductive complications.

When you are stressed, you are anxious all the time, which might lead to reproductive issues. When you want to have a child, one is advised to be as calm and relaxed as possible.


Stress leads to a decrease in the productivity of your daily activities. Stress makes it hard for you to have coordination and order as it makes you anxious all the time. If stressed, employees will always be moody, depressed, and the rate of absenteeism will be high, affecting the company’s overall productivity.


Once you realize you are stressed, you need to take certain measures to calm you down. Ways you can overwhelm stress among employees to increase their productivity.

Creating routines and structures

The company management should develop good structures and routines that will help the employees feel comfortable and less anxious. The company may adopt the open office policy to interact with the management freely and express their fears and experience. Having a good working environment will reduce stress and increase productivity.

Be authentic

When coming up with daily routines and structures, the management should be realistic and consider their employees’ working environment. There should be honest conversations between the management and the employees, reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Hormone balance

Stress is harmful to the Human Growth Hormone levels. Physical and emotional stress affects the HGH hormone, decreasing it when one is affected by physical stress.Decrease in HGH affects cognitive functions and endurance, mental health and metabolism… and many more. Before considering therapy be aware of side effects of Genotropin and other Growth hormone supplements and medications. They can be prescribed only for deficient people.

Provide mental health checks

The management can incorporate mental check days every two weeks to keep their employees free from stress. Having therapy helps you to reduce stress and increase your productivity.

Stop procrastination

Employees should be careful with their daily activities as they may affect their productivity. Employees who procrastinate on doing their daily tasks will most likely be stressed because they are anxious about meeting their deadlines. To reduce stress, employees are advised to do their required tasks as soon as possible and avoid procrastination.

Provide for what the employees need

The management should listen to employees and provide them with the correct working tools. This reduces stress, pressure, and anxiety among the employees and can do their tasks well, and increases their productivity.

Stress is manageable and can affect you in many ways. If you are stressed for a long time, there can be serious medical complications that might occur. It is recommended that you check on your mental health. When stressed, try to keep calm as possible and always talk to someone or go to therapy to avoid falling into depression.