What is the profitability of investing in apartments in Dubai

The UAE traditionally attracts foreign investors. Dubai remains one of the most popular megacities in the country. The pricing policy of the market allows not only buy real estate in the United Arab Emirates, but also to receive passive income from renting it out. All conditions have been created for this in Dubai. 

Advantages of investing in Dubai real estate

Investors are attracted by several circumstances, including:

  • Stable economic growth. Even in the conditions of a pandemic and an economic crisis, it is at least 3% annually. Comfortable living conditions attract expats from around the world, which ensures a growing demand for real estate.
  • Attractive prices. If you compare the cost of apartments in the UAE with other major European cities, you can see that the latter are much more expensive. At the same time, the developed infrastructure of residential development projects provides a better standard of living.
  • Simplified scheme of buying and granting a residence permit. Foreign real estate can be purchased even remotely, while becoming the owner of a residence permit that allows you to stay in the country legally.
  • Liquidity. Due to the ever-growing demand for housing, an apartment can always be sold. Given that real estate prices are slowly but steadily growing, financial losses are excluded in this case.
  • Profitability. According to this source – https://emirates.estate , studio apartments and apartments in Dubai have the highest payback index. In the most popular areas of the city, it can reach 6% per year. 

What locations are the most profitable for investment

Real estate in the coastal communities, where the tourist sector is developed. In the business part of the city are equally in demand in the megalopolis. Foreigners often choose the following locations as investments:

* Dubai Marina (Dubai Marina) is the tourist center of the metropolis. Popularity is provided by a developed infrastructure, close proximity to attractions, as well as the sea coast with well-maintained beaches. The cost of apartments starts from AED 1,000,000.

* Palm Jumeirah is a legendary man-made island with luxury apartments. Its cost is much higher. Prices start from AED 2,000,000.

* Downtown Dubai, which is the business part of the city. Apartments can be purchased for AED 1,500, 000. The cost increases depending on the number of rooms and the area. These are just a few popular communities that can be considered when choosing a property for investment. The legislation allows foreigners to purchase property in more than 40 communities of the metropolis.

Our assistance in choosing real estate for investment

When buying an apartment, it is important not only to have information about the state of the market and prices, but also to know the local legislation. The specialists of Emirates.Estate will provide professional assistance with the property variants and the execution of the transaction. You can get acquainted with the current offers in real time. Ads from local real estate agencies and developers are presented in the catalog.