What Makes a Good Manager?

Every successful business will have a great manager at the helm. So, what makes a good manager? There are several skills and attributes that a great manager will always have. While some people seem to naturally possess these skills and attributes, it is important to note that they can also be learned and developed. 

Ability to Help People

One of the most important attributes of a good manager is the ability to help people. Essentially, the role involves getting the most out of each team member so that they can perform to a high standard and take the business forward. Therefore, you need to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses, provide helpful feedback and counsel those that need it.

Manage & Develop Themselves

The best managers are the ones that are committed to their own self-improvement and development. They will lead by example, which should involve working on their weaknesses, developing new skills and doing the job the best that they can to benefit the business. You can use leadership assessment services to improve or build on these skills and to become the best manager that you can be. 

Strong Communication Skills

No manager can succeed without great communication skills. Obviously, you need to be able to explain what is expected of staff, delegate and give feedback, but one of the most overlooked aspects of management is listening. A great manager is one that will always listen to their team and use the information that they get to make the best decisions. You also need to be approachable so that your team will come forward when they have questions, problems or ideas. Not only will this help them to excel in their role, but it will also help staff to feel valued and create a strong bond.

Avoid Micromanagement

One of the biggest mistakes that managers make in their role is micromanaging. You can do more harm than good by having an approach that is too hands-on as staff can feel under pressure and that they cannot be trusted. Not only this, but micromanaging is a waste of your own time. Instead, you should encourage autonomy so that people can find their own best way of working while allowing you to focus on the big picture. Autonomy is a good approach, but you do need to make yourself available for support if it is needed. 

These are a few of the key skills and attributes that are needed to be a great manager. Management is not an easy role, but these are skills and attributes that can be developed over time that could help to prepare you for a role as a manager or to improve your abilities to lead a team.