What to Do If I Can No Longer Control My Drinking?

Are you among the individuals that have uttered the statement “I want to stop drinking, but I can’t?” Has it hit you that you are drinking too much and leaving the bottle can be an uphill task? Are you wondering about the other steps you should take to control your habits as an alcoholic? While many professionals, including medics and academicians, consider abstinence as the way to go, experience has proven otherwise. 

While abstinence is a great goal, one who has been relying on alcohol and has been integrating it into their regular life will find trouble moving away from it. That is a simple fact and does not mean that the individual in question is weak or lacking ethics.

The point is that it is difficult and challenging, but it is possible to overcome your alcohol issue.

Yes, you probably thought, “this is going to be difficult. It will be even more complex as there is no alcohol rehab near me.” But the truth is that professionals are here. They are around to help you, see more here and you can find an alcohol rehab center near you. You have to ensure to conduct your research and get to a place where you can admit you have an issue and make progress.

Here is what to do if you can no longer control your drinking habits.

Establish a Personal Drinking Goal As You Search For Alcohol Rehab Near Me

You know it is not a walk down the park to control your drinking habits, particularly if you’ve been a friend to the bottle for long. You know it is a great idea to check your drinking habits. However, you must examine yourself if you are the right candidate for this journey. 

The drinking goal you set should act as the vision in your control journey towards effective alcohol control. However, the goal you set must consider what will suit you best in your long-term health. The plans you set must be realistic for you, your spouse, other family members, and friends. Similarly, you must ensure that the alcohol control goals you set do not drastically affect your lifestyle needs.

Some possible goals could include:

  • Limiting your drinking days to weekends
  • Lowering your overall alcohol consumption to a healthy amount
  • Drinking without getting drunk

The primary point here is to see if you can scale back. If you can not do so by yourself, then you must work with professionals to find the root cause of your issues and solve them.

Guard Yourself Against the Various Temptations

You will miss the grand old partying days when you decide to take the alcohol control gear. Temptations will come. However, you must guard your thoughts, soul, and strides against the previous refreshment dens. 

You will only achieve this by steering clear of the individuals and places that will stir the drinking urge in you. Develop a plan for managing your spree-peers in advance. Be in control of your feelings. Try to adopt new, healthy habits that will help you cope with stress in a healthy way as you conduct your recovery process.

Avoid Purchasing Alcohol or Consume Small Quantities

You will quickly sabotage your plan to control your drinking habits if you resort to stocking up on liquor, wine, and beer. These steps may help you in your alcohol intake control journey:

  • Only drink after a big meal- This will minimize the intoxication effects of alcohol and, therefore the urge to drink excessively
  • Avoid hard liquor- Switch to less concentrated drinks like wine or beer.
  • Try limiting your purchase
  • Stick to your schedule-Only drink at the specified time; you may drink water if you feel that the urge isn’t adequately quenched.
  • Try alcohol-free and low-alcohol options

The best option here is to minimize your reliance by working with professionals who can help you detox and get you back to a normal state of being.