What to look for in a personal injury lawyer in Vermont?

Living with the consequences of an accident is not easy, especially when your injuries and losses resulted from someone’s sheer negligence and recklessness. Sadly, personal injury cases are not rare in Vermont. Instead of trying to understand the law, consider lawyering up at the earliest. Words and empathy cannot replace the need for legal counsel. When you hire a personal injury lawyer in Vermont, you place your trust in them to defend your rights and protect your interests. Finding the right lawyer is important, and in this post, we are sharing some key aspects to consider when hiring one. 

  1. Experience. Would you consult a brain surgeon for your kidney concerns? You know the answer. Lawyers have their field of experience and expertise. You need an attorney who is locally based in Vermont and specializes in personal injury law. Ask the lawyer if they have worked on similar cases. 
  2. Trial experience. Not many personal injury lawyers can boast of trial experience. Almost 90% of all personal injury cases are settled through negotiations, but there are always exceptions to this. If you are hiring an attorney for your case, ensure that they have the proficiency to battle it out in court when needed. 
  3. Compassion. While lawyers are busy professionals, they are also expected to have compassion and empathy. Is the lawyer willing to come to your home or hospital because you are injured? 
  4. Flexibility. You should also consider if an attorney is flexible. A personal injury lawyer usually charges a contingency fee, and therefore, you don’t have to pay an immediate fee. However, consider if the lawyer is willing to help advance other expenses and is flexible in their approach. 
  5. Availability. A lawyer should only listen to your case and consider fighting your battle if they have the time. However, it is common for attorneys to share cases when working for the same personal injury law firm, and it is wise to ask in advance. 
  6. Good reviews. This is not something an attorney can control, but you have to check if the law firm or attorney has good reviews. If an attorney claims to be the best in business, they must have good and positive reviews from other clients. You can find such reviews online. 

Finally, you can expect an attorney to explain your rights. An experienced personal injury lawyer can share the possible outcomes, but they will never make inflated promises. 

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