What Worsen Seasonal Allergies according to Allergist near me?

People think that allergies taking place on a regular basis when exposed to the allergen is bad. But they will say it because they have not been exposed to the seasonal allergy. Although it comes every year according to Allergist near me the effects last till the season ends. It becomes worse when the patient is exposed to the common things. 

Seasonal Allergies according to Allergist near me:

Many of you must have heard of the term Hay fever; it is a common name for seasonal allergy. It was given the name because it occurred at the time when hay has been harvested. But now it is used for allergic reactions that are caused by pollen in the environment. The pollen from different trees and plants is carried away when the wind blows. 

Indications to look out for:

The symptoms that are shown in seasonal allergy are the same when you are suffering from cold. But the causes of Hay fever are different but the following signs are to look out for;

  1. Sneezing and stuffy nose
  2. Itching and watering eyes
  3. The problem in the ear, nose and throat canal
  4. Other rare symptoms like; coughing with a wheezing sound, breathing difficulty and headaches are noticed.

Seasons for this Allergy:

This allergic reaction can occur in any season all around the year that is the reason it has been given the name seasonal allergy. The allergen of that is the reason for the allergy is different in the four seasons mentioned below;

  1. The springtime is when flowers bloom. It is basically the mating season of the plants so a lot of pollen flies in the air which can give an allergic reaction to people.
  2. The grass in the summer is the main cause of seasonal allergy. There are many types of grass-like timothy grass; ryegrass and some kind of weeds are the guilty parties. 
  3. Pollen that is fallen from various plants like plantains, sorrels, fat hens, nettles and mugworts are the ones that are difficult to control in the autumn.
  4. For the people who are having a hard time suffering from hay fever can rest during the winter. But there are triggers that create allergic reactions even when you are inside. 

Diagnosis and Treatment:

As the symptoms of seasonal allergies are the same as a common cold; the consultants at Atlanta Allergy Clinic first have to rule out the cold that is causing it. After the doctors thoroughly check the patient and dismissed the cold then it can be confirmed that it is Hay fever. The allergists suggest many ways to treat this allergy. First of all the patients must try to avoid the things causing it, medicines is also available and sometimes eating food can be a cure.

Worsening Seasonal Allergies:

You do a lot of things to avoid having the allergic reaction but on many occasions, small things make the seasonal allergy worse. The following things are weirdly ordinary that no one will think that they can increase the risk of allergy.

Eating Vegetables and Fruits:

The fruits and vegetable that you eat every day are considered healthy and nutritious. But for the people who have Hay fever can’t eat fruits and veggies because there is a certain type of protein on the surface. If the veggie or fruit is peeled or cooked; it can reduce the effects.

Wearing Contact Lenses:

The people who wear contact lenses have to be very careful because polled particles can be stuck between the eyes and lenses which can be a great problem because it can trigger a severe reaction. 

Stress and Anxiety:

When people are under stress their allergic reaction are getting worse. The asthmatic patients are more likely to increase in symptoms when they experience anxiety. Anything can be the cause of stress and anxiety and can flare up the reaction.

Alcohol and other Drinks:

If you have Hay fever then drinking alcohol and other fizzy drinks will boost the effects. The components in beer and wine can create symptoms that can accelerate the reaction by 78%.  

Inappropriate Medication:

Self-medication is the worst idea for curing allergies. You may see a lot of medicines and read literature about them that sow that they are the best. But in reality, they are made keeping in mind the body chemistry of different people. Taking the wrong medicine has the opposite effect.

Various Aromas and Smells:

There are certain fragrances and aromas that can trigger a massive reaction when the seasonal allergy is at its peak. The best thing to do is to wear a surgical mask when you around smell and especially outdoor.

The material of Clothes:

The cloth material like wool can capture the pollen particles and when the person wears it the pollen can go into the eyes and nose to cause severe reaction during the seasonal allergy.

Early Morning Bath:

When you contact Allergist near me they will tell you a surprising thing that can worst the reaction and that is taking a bath when the pollen count is the most. Take a bath before going to bed to avoid pollen going into your mouth or nose.