What You May Not Know About Brow Lift Surgery

Your forehead plays a vital role in communicating your feelings. If you don’t get the correct impression about your feelings when you look in the mirror, a brow lift cosmetic surgery can be your lasting solution. It is a procedure that rejuvenates your facial skin by removing the excess sagging skin and repositioning underlying muscles.

Dr. Michael Macdonald, M.D, is a San Francisco brow lift specialist at Aesthetic Surgery Center and can help you know if you are the best candidate for the procedure. The doctor’s significant experience in brow lift surgery can help you achieve your unique goals through a customized approach.

How a Brow Lift Works

Several brow lift techniques can be used depending on the anatomy of your face and your specific goals. They include endoscopic, coronal, temporal, browpexy, and midbrow. Several factors determine the suitable technique for every individual. They include the thickness of the brows, the hairline’s position, forehead lines, brow asymmetry, and the forehead height. However, any technique used involves incisions and lifting of the skin. The only difference occurs in the size and location of the incisions.

Before the procedure, general or local anesthesia can be given for your comfort. The procedure should take at most two hours and you can go home after recovery. However, it is advisable to have someone take you home as you might still be experiencing some anesthesia effects.

Self-help Tips

Before and after the surgery, your provider should give you guiding instructions for preparations and maintenance. Before the surgery, anti-inflammatory medications and aspirins should be skipped for a few weeks to reduce bruising.

What to Expect After the Surgery

You will be advised to take one to two weeks off from work for significant recovery as it gives adequate rest and recovery time. You can expect temporal swelling and bruise during the first days, but this fades with time. Some numbness may also be experienced, depending on the technique used.

You can also expect to break from routine exercises and activities for a few weeks to help mitigate the swelling.

Some pain medications may be prescribed for more comfort, but you can also get well from over the encounter options as guided by your provider.

Some bandages may be used, and depending on the technique used, your doctor should give you instructions on how long to keep it on.


Significant changes can be seen immediately, but the final results will be experienced after a while. This can go for up to six months. The results should be long-lasting, but with age, the skin may continue to sag. However, this can be reduced through regular skincare and sunscreen protection.

Pros and Cons of Brow Lift Surgery


·   Your sagging skin can be lifted, and the deep creases smoothened

·   The procedure is quick, and you go home the same day

·   Your skin is rejuvenated, giving you a more youthful appearance with few side effects


·   You might have visible scarring, but with new techniques, this can be reduced

·   Numbness could be a long term side effect but only in a few cases.

A brow lift can give you the confidence you deserve if people misjudge your moods or are misled by the nature of your brows. It’s time to change all this. Contact Aesthetic Surgery Center and learn more about your options.