What You Need to Know Before Shipping a Car

Committing to a long-distance move is among the most daunting tasks a person can imagine. With the possible high costs and transportation worries, it can feel downright overwhelming. The last thing you want to worry about is how your vehicle will make it to your new home. Driving is always an option, but if your vehicle is valuable to you, the thought of putting countless miles and added wear and tear on your car may be unwelcome. Fortunately, this is not the only option. Shipping your vehicle will keep your vehicle safe and can be surprisingly affordable.

Before you dive right in, there are some things you need to know about how to ship a car. The average cost of shipping a car 1,000 miles away is just under $1,200. However, this number is a moving target. The truth is this number can fluctuate greatly, and there are several variables that factor into that final cost of automotive shipping.

How Are Cars Shipped?

The first thing to consider before shipping your car is how valuable your vehicle is. Car shippers have varying levels of protection available at different price points. The most economical choice is often open-air shipping. This lower-priced option will get your vehicle across the country while exposed to the open elements. If that does not sound appealing, you can opt for closed-container shipping. This usually involves your car traveling in a shipping container or closed truck for the duration of its journey. That is why getting the best vehicle transport service is important at all times. 

Additionally, some companies offer door-to-door services. While most methods involve pickup and drop-off points, this hassle-free method will pick up your car and make sure your car is waiting for you in front of your new home. Lastly, some companies offer premium services that offer the utmost care for those seeking to transport exotic, custom, or classic vehicles. Discern what option is best for you and your budget.

Shop Around

Another factor to consider is how far and where you are traveling. In terms of cost, often the biggest determining factor is the distance traveled. If you have a long distance to travel, you may be wary of the sticker shock. Keep in mind that long trips offer the best price per mile traveled, and different companies have different discounts. Also, know there are ways to bring this number down. Some companies give special discounts to members of the military, seniors, students, and returning customers. You will not know until you ask, so be sure to shop around. Call a few different companies and get a quote. Ask what deals you may qualify for to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Have the Car Inspected Before and After the Journey

Even with the best of intention and the utmost care, accidents happen. There is no avoiding this fact. Before you send your car off, have it looked at and take pictures. Be sure to do the same when you get it back as well. There is nothing worse than finding damage to your vehicle and having to pay for it out of pocket because there is no accountability.

Car Insurance

In the event something was to happen in transit, you want to be prepared. Not all insurance companies will cover incidents of this nature, and what better time to take a closer look at your car insurance. Once you have decided to ship your car, compare car insurance rates and make sure they will have you covered.

Extended Warranties

Do you need an extended warranty? An extended warranty is what it sounds like. Although it exists through a third party, it acts as an extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty. While most insurance companies cover collisions and acts of nature, this additional coverage has you covered for mechanical repairs and breakdowns. If you are looking for ironclad coverage in the event your vehicle is mishandled, an extended warranty could be your ticket.

With a little business savvy and some research, you should be able to rest easy. Know you are getting the best deal and will not be hung out to dry if things do not go according to plan.