Which Window Style Should You Choose for Your Home?

The windows in your home aren’t just for letting in natural light — they can be important focal points in any room, potential reading nooks, or decorative accents. Upgrading your current windows also has the potential to benefit your home’s energy consumption. Modern styles are commonly designed with advanced safety and energy features in-mind.

If you can replace old windows in your home, not only will you see a change in energy efficiency, but you’re giving each room a visual upgrade. Let’s look at some of the industry’s most popular styles so that you can make the best decision for your lifestyle.

1. Classic Double-Hung Windows

This style is one of the more common choices in traditional homes or pre-war buildings. Their design is classic — featuring two sashes, a bottom and a top sash, that can slide vertically as the window is opened or closed. In extreme climates, this style is a crowd favourite since they offer a lot of outside air to cool down the home’s interior.

Double-hung windows are considered one of the more classic designs. They can fit well with several interior design styles — plus, the internal grilles can be customized for a unique architectural element.

2. Seamless Casement Windows

Casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners who want to make the most of their views. Designed without any obstructive railings or grilles, they offer a clear picture of the home’s exterior. This modern style operates with a crank, swinging the window outwards.

The hinges and seals require periodic maintenance, but if you live in a windy climate, this could be the perfect style for your home — the seals tighten when the wind blows inward toward the house.

3. Picturesque Picture Window

It’s no surprise why the picture window has the name that it does — with clear sightlines, it can act as a frame to the landscape outside your home. If you face the water or perhaps a quiet wooden area, this window style allows you to experience the view entirely. Similarly, if you receive a lot of natural light, this style will make the most of it.

Unlike the casement style, picture windows don’t open — but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer any efficiency. Since they come without hardware, they’re often priced at a lower rate than their counterparts. So long as they’re designed and installed with coatings to weaken solar heat, they can be just as energy efficient as other models on the market.

4. Stationary Windows

Modern design pallets are choosing stationary or fixed windows in their homes. They offer more customization than their alternatives and can often be designed to fit into any space. When it comes to energy efficiency, this particular style is a favourite for homeowners who want to avoid installing window openings in every room.

There is no energy loss here since they don’t open, and there are no gaps like on double or single-hung sashes. One key factor to keep in mind — they are often harder to clean since they require being on the outside of the home to get to the exterior panes.

Window replacement is a unique experience for homeowners. No two design styles are exactly alike, and every household has different energy efficiency needs. Take the time and research each style to ensure you’re picking the window treatment that fits your design and budget.