Whitney Scott Mathers – His Parents Tiktok And Instagram

Whitney Scott Mathers is a tattoo artist who uses her father’s last name. She is also exploring her gender preferences. Whitney has limited social media updates, but she is very outspoken about the LGBTQIA+ community. Her father was a tattoo artist and died of drug addiction. She has a mother who also works as a tattoo artist.

Whitney scott mathers’ father was a tattoo artist

Whitney Scott Mathers’ father, Eric Hartter, was a tattoo artist, but he was also a drug dealer. When Whitney was born, he didn’t show up at the hospital to meet her. When the police found him, he was a wanted man for drug possession. This left Whitney’s mother without a means to support her, and she eventually turned to drugs.

Her biological father died of drug addiction

Whitney Scott Mathers’ biological father, Eric Scott, died on August 22, 2019. He was 40 years old. He was a tattoo artist who struggled with drug addiction and was in trouble with the law. His drug addiction eventually led to his death. He was cremated and the ashes are kept in urns. Whitney seems to have a closer bond with her mother Em than she does with her father.

Her biological mother is a tattoo artist

She was born in Montemorelos, Mexico, on March 8, 1982. She says her family had no electricity for a long time. She bathed in plastic buckets and grew up on a dirt floor. At the age of 14, she started tattooing. She dropped out of high school to pursue her passion.

Her biological father is a man named Eric Hartter

The biological father of Whitney Scott Mathers is a man named Eric Hartter. Eminem and Whitney were married in 1999, but the couple split up in 2001 due to legal issues. Eric and Kim were reunited in 2006 and married again, with their daughter Stevie Laine as a result.

Stevie Laine was not born to Hartter, who was on a wanted list. He wasn’t even present when Stevie was born, and he’s since been accused of drug sales. He had never shown any interest in Stevie Laine.

Her biological sister is Hailie Jade Mathers

Whitney Scott Mathers’ biological sister is Hailei Jade Mathers, born in 1995. Her parents are Eminem and Kimberly Anne Scott. Her father gave her 100% of his attention before the marriage. He worked 60 hours a week to support his wife and daughter, and his dedication to her future was evident. Hailie is now a successful model and actress.

The two sisters are close to their famous brother. Both children are born under the fire sign Aries. The youngest daughter of Eminem is a non-binary, gender-fluid person. She announced on her Instagram page that she wanted to be called Stevie Laine. The post also included a Tiktok video showing the changes. Whitney also has two biological sisters. The other sister is Alaina Marie Scott.

Her biological father is Eminem

Whitney Mathers is one of Eminem’s three daughters. She was born to Kim Scott and Eminem in 1995. Eminem and Scott divorced in 2001. The reason behind the divorce was that Kim had been cheating on Eminem and was seeing someone else. Kim then started dating a tattoo artist, Eric Harter. In April 2002, she gave birth to Whitney.

Her biological father is unknown but her mother is his former wife, Kim Scott. She was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. Her birth mother, Kim Scott, had an affair with tattoo artist Eric Hartter before the couple divorced. After the divorce, the two split up. The couple’s daughter is now living with Eminem and his wife and two daughters. Although she is not her biological father, she has two fathers and four grandparents.