Why 3D Modeling Services are Crucial for Mobile Game Developers

In the GameDev industry and Mobile development, a lot depends on the convenience and beauty of the design. The game’s first impression is formed when we see its graphics, whether a gameplay trailer or a teaser, which shows the main elements of the game’s visual content. The fundamental component of all 3D games is models. 3D modeling services created everything visual in the mobile game. Artists spend a lot of time detailing visually stunning 3D models of character or environment that fits into the overall story or footage. 

Today, 3D modeling for games is growing at a rapid pace, and professional designers, programmers, and creative teams of artists often create, in fact, simply breathtaking animated images, thereby pushing the boundaries of human imagination. Modern 3D modeling services are a very effective tool that allows you to work out the plot/texture/animation to the smallest detail.

In addition, today, those models that allow you to change the environment in a short time, fully adapt to the player and move 3D characters are in great demand. Such models are indispensable when creating:

  • hand-to-hand combat scenes
  • space wars
  • flight simulation
  • dialogues, etc.

Moreover, the gaming industry continues to experience tremendous growth. The best mobile game designers can lead creative teams of artists and programmers who push the boundaries of creative imagination and create incredible animations using the latest technology. It’s not just Basic 3D modeling, which is an excellent start, by the way. Modeling for games is an entirely new level.

How To Make 3D Art For Games – Characters, Locations, Props

3D modeling for games not only creates the visual side of the game but also adds dynamism. It’s no secret that a model is not always a static object. To give life to a character with the help of animation and movements in the game is possible only in the compilation of the artist and the developer directly.

The developer does not have to draw well, his task is to correctly position the model that the artist will draw for him. This will save a lot of time and money, as designers work closely with the mobile game development team and work according to the given requirements. In this case, everything should be thought out. 

Also, game modeling can have parameters such as density and material in games. Often elements of the model should:

  • reflect light
  • cast a shadow
  • be dirty or perfectly clean
  • have relief
  • have various design options for interaction

The game engine performs these functions, and the 3D model must be adapted.

Design is one of the most complex and exciting parts of video games. Of course, the story and scenery are unique, but the characters sometimes inspire the entire game. Modern characters, created with 3D modeling software, fully capture the range of emotions of a natural person.

Like any idea in the world, art development starts with concepts. According to a brief description, concept art is an idea embodied by the artist. So rest assured, the artist will draw the craziest picture you can think of. Likewise, a new 3D mobile game will always hook gamers with something unusual and high quality.

Another task for an experienced designer in 3D modeling games is to take a concept and transform it into a mesh, drawing skills, make informed geometric, and add symmetry and texture to the models. The designer must fully understand the principles of conceptual design and animation and be able to create and animate game characters. In this case, the best solution would still be to leave such work to a professional team in the field of game modeling.

Benefits of Game Modeling

The search for 3D modeling services is also a very responsible process. As you know, modeling is also used in architecture, cybernetics, medicine, etc. Specialists in these industries are unsuitable for your new 3D mobile game project. In theory, they can do some part of the work, but this is not enough, and in this case, it is better to seek help from a professional team.

3D modeling can be divided into several stages:

  • Stage 1. Searching for references;
  • Stage 2. Model creation;
  • Stage 3. Creating UVs;
  • Stage 4. Map Baking;
  • Stage 5. Texturing;
  • Stage 6. Export to the game engine. Adjust textures and shading.

On the one hand, there are six stages, but on the other hand, it can be weeks of hard work and development.

Even the developers of their games often run out of ideas, and new content is badly needed. The best 3D modeling services will have a team of experienced professionals to help you achieve your goals, awaken old players’ interest, and attract thousands of new ones.

Also, one of the main advantages of 3D modeling games as they will always help you save time and money. However, as we have already said – do not underestimate the visual content because the character model or environment plays an essential role in your game’s perception of the story and gameplay.