Why are Professional IPTV/OTT Solutions Better Than Free Ones?

The video streaming industry doesn’t show any sign of slowing down its growth. A lot of people around the world refuse to use traditional television and switch to video streaming services. Whether viewers watch VOD content or participate in live events, there is no doubt that streaming is a part of our everyday lives. 

Businesses monetize their content via professional video streaming platforms. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

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Why are Professional IPTV/OTT Solutions Better Than Free Ones?

#1 Monetization opportunities

Professional video streaming solutions are equipped with many monetization capabilities, as money-making is their primary function. A business needs to make money. There are three common monetization models:

  • Advertising-based Video-On-Demand (AVOD). AVOD system allows a provider to earn money by advertising. In this case, content on the platform is often free of charge for viewers. Third-party companies pay a provider for running their ads on the platform. 
  • Subscription-based Video-On-Demand (SVOD). If a platform is subscription-based, it means that users need to purchase a monthly or yearly fee to access content on the platform. At the end of the payment period, the subscription can be renewed or canceled. It is up to the viewer to decide.
  • Transactional-based Video-On-Demand. It is also known as the pay-per-view monetization model. In this case, people purchase access only to videos they want to watch soon. These videos can be available for a long time, like forever or a limited period. A provider defines.  

Moreover, professional solutions can allow you to use a hybrid revenue-generating approach. You will be able to combine several models and benefit from that.

In contrast, free video streaming services usually don’t offer any monetization capabilities. You will waste your time by publishing content on such services.

#2 Additional security

Professional companies that develop video streaming solutions work hard on safety measures as well. If you want your content to be secure, you would like proper protection. 

Free streaming services are more exposed to data leaks, malware threats, and thefts. If a malicious actor attacks your platform, you will lose time, money, and viewers. They will probably switch to another platform that operates. 

Professional platforms are equipped with encryption, DRM (Digital Rights Management), and other security. If the service uses CDN, it has additional protection against DDoS attacks. If you value the time you spend on content creation, we recommend you obtain a professionally developed solution. 

#3 Tech support

It is important to have somebody there if you face troubles when managing your platform. 

If you obtain a third-party solution, you will likely have time when you don’t know why it went down or simply doesn’t operate. You will likely need an education when you purchase a complex solution which is a video streaming platform. 

And it is vital that you have a support team that can answer your questions at any time and gives a helping hand with configurations. Professional companies usually offer tech support that is available 24 per 7. So, you can be sure that if anything goes wrong, you will get help.

Final Thoughts

Professional video streaming services are always better than free ones. Developers put a lot of effort into their solutions so that you can operate smoothly and bring a great experience to your customers. 

They constantly introduce new features and generally enhance the platform so that it operates well. We hope we managed to convince you that a professional platform is always better. 

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