Why It Pays To Update The Paint Job Of Your Commercial Investment

Buying commercial real estate is no small undertaking. For the very few who are fortunate enough to be in a position to make such a purchase, it’ll most likely be the largest investment of their lives. If you’re lucky enough to call yourself “a commercial property owner”, you should be doing everything within your power to protect your investment.

And one of the easiest and most effective, yet under-appreciated, ways to maintain or even increase the value of your property is to update its paint job.

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When Was The Last Paint Job? 

Now you might believe your commercial property’s paint job is fine, but you’re not the one renting. How is your competition looking? If you haven’t already done so, check out other similar properties in the area. How does your property’s paint job compare? Try to gather as much feedback from tenants and their visitors/customers, realtors, and any other relevant stakeholders, as you can.

Get Professional Commercial Painting

Remember, this isn’t your home or office; someone else is paying you for space. Therefore, unless you’re a professional, you should NOT attempt to do this yourself. There should be many professional commercial painters in your area. Compare quotes and ask for client references so you can get a real sense of the type of work they can deliver. Once you feel comfortable selecting a commercial painting company, don’t be afraid to try new colors. If you have specific color guidelines in your lease agreement, then retain the existing color scheme, or consult an attorney to advise you if you believe changing the color/s of your property is necessary. 

A Good Paint Job Promotes Itself  

Once you’ve completed your commercial painting project, then it’s time to take new pictures of your property that you can post online. But a new paint job not only attracts curious eyes, but it’s also a symbol of solid property management. It demonstrates that you care about your property, and you, or your contracted property manager, will be responsive to tenant concerns should there be any issues. 

And don’t forget the customers, friends, and families of your existing tenants. Seeing a new paint job could be the deciding factor that sways their decision to also choose your property, or at the very least, recommend it to other potential tenants.  

It May Prevent Other Serious Problems  

You might think commercial painting only deals with aesthetics. But the truth is quality commercial painting can protect your property from structural damage caused by weather conditions, as well as significantly reduce the occurrence of harmful molds, which are often the catalyst for costly repairs and potential tenant lawsuits. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer 

As is proven by what has unfolded during this COVID-19 pandemic: Nothing can be taken for granted. If you’ve been debating whether or not to update the paint job on your commercial property, then chances are, it’s time to have it done. Be proactive, don’t wait for the paint to be falling off the walls or for tenants to start complaining. With everything you stand to gain, you should seize the moment now and get started right away!