Why should we keep our kitchen neat and clean?

We should keep our kitchen clean because it is associated with being healthy and not prone to diseases. Our kitchen is one of the most used rooms inside our house. A neat and clean kitchen will give positive energy to your home. Nobody likes the overflowing trash and garbage, the sink full of bacteria, greasy chimney. The reselling value of any house greatly depends upon the kitchen.

If the kitchen is dirty for a longer time then it may leave hard stains on the floor which is very difficult to remove. It is likely possible your homemade dishes may contain some harmful bacteria which may make you ill and sick. The first one’s kitchen should not have Cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other food breeding insecticides.

On a broader level, we should at least follow some ethics and morality to keep our kitchen clean. A clean kitchen is not only beneficial for health but it will also give positive messages to our guests. Everybody like cleanliness so you should always keep your house clean. A clean kitchen will also send a positive message to your kids and encourage them about hygiene. Here we will show you how you can maintain a clean kitchen and also why it is necessary for health and wellness.

We should not let any outer covering of vegetable cuttings on the floor or else we should clean it immediately. We should use different cutting boards for meat and green vegetables. Raw meat spoils quickly after some time it will generate bacteria. So we should maintain safety precautions and clean our hands and cutting boards after chopping meats. It is advisable to wash the cutting board with hot water or soapy water. If the board have deep coring or gouges then it is better to replace them. It is better to use separate chopping boards one for meats and another for other items. You should also clean any meat traces from sink and countertop also dump any garbage quickly containing meats residue.

Always wash your hands before and after handling perishable foods. If you are using any cleaners then it should be kept away from the food preparation area.

Sometimes we use a microwave oven or a sandwich toaster to make our dishes cooking. After making we do not clean the inside of it. It is always advised to clean it after using it. Using the same oven or a sandwich toaster without cleaning can lead to germs in food. Also, after a while, a very bad smell starts coming out which can attract bad insects to feed.

We should always keep all the utensils clean daily after use and not let them leave washing them on the next day.

Dispose of spoiled food promptly and never keep leftovers in your refrigerator for longer days. Always keep and clean kitchen dustbin daily. If you do not do so then it can be a nice place for mosquitoes and other insects to breed and make their home inside it.

We should always keep our ingredients powder or masalas or sugar in an airtight container box. Moreover, there should be a separate area to keep masala for powder boxes will be a great addition to the kitchen.

We should limit the use of harsh chemicals to clean our kitchen. The cleaners contain harsh chemicals which will clean our kitchen effectively but at the same time if the residues left then it will harm our health. But if you regularly clean your kitchen then you may not require to use any strong chemicals. It is advisable to dedicate some day and time of your week to clean your kitchen. You should daily wash utensils, wipe the shelf and cooktops, sink. You should also wipe your home and kitchen appliances regularly so that they should not acquire heavy dirt. Instead of using hard chemicals, it is better to use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

While building a home one should keep in mind that there should be a separate area of the kitchen where proper ventilation can be done otherwise the smoke of cooking vegetables could not go outside. Also, there should be an exhaust fan for the same purpose will be great. Also if you do not let the smoke of cooking vegetables go outside your kitchen walls colour will turn black which will not look good look odd despite all wall’s colour. There should not be dampness in the walls of your kitchen otherwise the paint shredding can fall into the cooking vegetable from the top after many uses.

While making a home, one should always keep in mind that the kitchen should be at least 10 meters away from the toilet or a washroom.

We should be very choosy before buying property. One should always select surface property. Means direct sunlight should fall inside the home. Direct sunlight inside the home has its own benefits. The sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which have the potential to kill most of the germs wherever it falls. You may also have heard direct sunlight falling on the impure water can kill harmful germs and sometimes it is one step to make it into drinking water.

Most of us start our day with a cup of hot coffee and a clean and tidy kitchen will give you positive energy to start your day. I hope these small steps will inspire you to keep your kitchen neat and tidy.

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