Why Tooth-Colored Restoration Services Can Help in Oral Aesthetics

Oral aesthetics is one essential issue you must consider, especially when your job requires you to talk with many people. Mouth aesthetics also involves color restoration of any teeth you have in the mouth. The procedure of tooth restoration is a complex one, which Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry manages for you to have a better smile. Your Newport Beach tooth colored enamel restorations dental clinic has some of the best equipment to deal with cavities, color matching, and enamel repair, which, when combined, fulfill your oral aesthetic needs entirely.

Tooth-colored restoration services 101

Restoration refers to returning your teeth to their original white state. Over the years, as you grow up, your teeth meet many things that make them lose their aesthetics. The situation gets worse every day until you have restoration services focusing on the color, strength, and shape of your teeth. After the procedure, you will notice a change, with whiter teeth being the highlight.

Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry uses a combination of modern and traditional methods to have you smiling better. Traditionally, dentists made use of potentially dangerous material to make your smile better. However, the current tools in place ignore the dangerous methods of the past to help you have a safer smile. Currently, the major products in use are the biocompatible ones made of porcelain or composite resins, which lack one of the most dangerous elements—mercury. Biocompatible materials are safe. Additionally, they have one characteristic that makes them better at keeping your oral aesthetics in check—they can match the color of natural teeth. Therefore, after any restoration procedure, you can smile better rather than having to worry about your health.

What tooth-colored restoration services can you find?

Modern dentistry, advanced mainly by research, has availed many tooth-colored restoration techniques that can benefit you. Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry has tools to help you when you have extreme decay or need to fill up your cavity.

Minimal damage or decay

Composite resins are the best material when it comes to minimal damage. The material can merge with other colors of your teeth, giving them a rejuvenation that will take away any self-consciousness.

Medium cavities

Bigger cavities mean you will need a significantly larger procedure to help regain your oral aesthetics. Porcelain is the best material for dealing with some medium cavity problems you may present to your dentist. The material has many benefits that make them suitable for large cavities. Firstly, they are stronger and can prevent stains from building up in your mouth. However, for these, you will need several appointments to have the best results.

Large cavities

This scenario requires crowns, which help cover the cavities and make you able to chew food.

Discolored crowns can have an impact on many activities you do. For instance, many people with stained teeth have a hard time expressing themselves openly. However, with Enamel General & Cosmetic Dentistry, you can have a redefinition of your oral health. Book your place online or call the center to begin the journey of oral health transformation.

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