Why VPN is Not Working on Netflix

You’re not alone if you’ve been trying to watch Netflix with a VPN and it’s not working. Many people have been struggling to get past the Netflix VPN ban. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. In this post, we’ll explain some solutions for unblocking VPN blocking and how you can still access Japanese Netflix in US. Keep reading for all the details.

1. Clear Your Cache and Browser Cookies

Many websites use cache files and cookies to gather temporary location information. If you clear these files, Netflix will be forced to display the library from the server you are connecting to. Even if you’re connecting to a VPN server in a different nation, Netflix can utilize this data to determine your location.

2. Upgrade to a Better VPN

The best way to solve Netflix VPN problems is to use one of the best VPN services. This is because, despite your best attempts, most VPNs will never work with Netflix. Most VPN providers either lack the necessary technology, prioritize other software features over Netflix unblocking, or are underfunded.

ExpressVPN consistently connects users to US Netflix as well as nine other online libraries, even though the service is not very inexpensive. According to our research, using ExpressVPN with Netflix is the most guaranteed way to surpass the Netflix VPN restriction in September 2023. During our testing of ExpressVPN, we bypassed Hulu’s VPN restrictions by connecting to the New York server of the VPN service. This allowed us to access HBO Max from locations outside the US.

3. Use Smart DNS

Some VPNs include the Smart DNS feature. Without using a VPN, switching Netflix locations is possible with smart DNS. Since Netflix banned VPN access in August 2021, our experiments have shown that Smart DNS is considerably more dependable than full VPN providers for unblocking Netflix.

Your internet traffic is forwarded through a different country’s proxy server by smart DNS. Smart DNS is a good solution if you stream a geo-restricted Netflix library and don’t care about privacy. It does not encrypt your traffic as a VPN does. It lacks additional security measures.

4. Disable IPv6 Addresses

Instead of using your IPv4 address, Netflix chooses which portions of its repertoire to display based on your IPv6 address (if you have one).

The problem is that most virtual private networks, sometimes VPNs, do not yet support IPv6. If your IPV6 address is made public beyond the Proxy server, Netflix will show local content.

5. Connect to a Different Server

If you try to access Netflix over a VPN and are unsuccessful, this indicates that Netflix has discovered the IP address of the server you are connected to and has placed a block on it.

Connecting to a different server within the same nation is all required to obtain a new IP address. There is a possibility that Netflix has not yet begun to prevent access to the new server.

There are servers from the most exemplary virtual private networks (VPNs) compatible with the most popular Netflix regions. One reliable VPN you can use is ExpressVPN. You can also make use of the table down below. 

6. Stream Netflix on Your Computer

Try watching the movie on your desktop or laptop computer if you are having problems accessing Netflix on a particular device, such as a Google Chromecast, a Fire Stick, or a Phone. As part of its policy to prohibit the use of virtual private networks (VPNs), Netflix will check to verify if your DNS server’s location and your IP address’s location are the same.

Because mobile VPN applications cannot filter all traffic via their DNS servers in the same way that desktop VPN software can, it is advised that you watch the movie on your desktop rather than on your mobile device.

Additionally, confirm that the VPN software you are running is configured to use the DNS servers of the VPN provider. This function can be turned on in the VPN app’s connection settings.

7. Choose a Different VPN Protocol

If you cannot stream content from Netflix using your VPN, try switching the protocol for the VPN. Each protocol implements different ciphering and tunneling strategies. Some are better at getting through the VPN detection mechanisms used by Netflix.

For instance, according to the results of our tests, the Lightway protocol provides the best performance when streaming Netflix using ExpressVPN. In contrast, the NordLynx protocol offers the best performance when using NordVPN.

Within the app’s settings, you will see the option to alter the VPN protocol. Experiment with each possibility until you find one that fulfills your needs. On the other hand, we can’t stress enough how strongly we advise you not to use PPTP because it offers insufficient encryption and is known to have security flaws.

8. Buy a Residential IP Address

All non-residential IP addresses will be immediately blocked by Netflix starting in August 2021. Because most VPN servers are located in data centers, Netflix can easily recognize them and implement access limitations.

Residential IPs create the idea that you connect from your house using a standard ISP connection. As a result, Netflix cannot recognize your use of a VPN. Several VPNs let you pay a fee for a home IP address as a workaround.

Windscribe is the only top Netflix VPN that enables you to get a US residential IP address. During our tests, accessing this server consistently gave us access to US Netflix material. When using it, we got an AT&T IP address.

Despite being reliable, this technique has a disadvantage because it is expensive. There is no monthly payment option for Windscribe’s $96,000 US residential IP package.


It seems like Netflix is slowly winning its battle against VPN users. If you want unrestricted access to all of the company’s content, your best bet is probably just to wait until they expand into your country.