Why We All Need to Glam

Getting glammed up seems more like a luxury than a necessity. Why would someone take time out of their busy schedule to do something that seems to only boast superficial benefits?

The truth is that glamming goes way more than skin deep. It’s about loving yourself, taking great care of your body, expressing creativity, and valuing the person that you are. It’s not about mimicking what you see at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – it’s about being the best, happiest, healthiest version of you.

For Our Physical Health

Glam starts from the inside out. If you aren’t taking care of yourself, it’s tough to look and feel your best. Skincare is your priority. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser, applying broad-spectrum sunscreen every day, moisturizing consistently, and removing your makeup at night will help to keep your skin radiant and healthy.

A balanced diet and exercise are also crucial to great skin. Reducing your intake of oily or sugary foods will limit or prevent breakouts. Of course, you need to treat yourself a few times a week to a little something that will break up the monotony of a strict diet. Hello, chicken nuggets! You sure look beautiful, brownie! 

Just keep these kinds of foods to an absolute minimum, while prioritizing antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and healthy fats (think olive oil, salmon, and avocado) to encourage collagen production and fight free radicals.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin, and collagen peptides are wonderful for your whole body. You’ll see the benefits in your skin, hair, and nails. If you’re taking good care of yourself, you’ll already be halfway glam when you roll out of bed. Love yourself, be kind to your body, stay well-nourished, and everything else is a bonus.

For Our Mental Health

Work, school, and life can be overwhelming. If you have children, you probably put their needs first. When so many people depend on you, you can let your wellbeing fall to the wayside. You should treat yourself with love and respect, and take a well-deserved break now and then.

Get your hair done. Get your nails done. Get a pedicure. Go to the spa for a facial and a massage. Relax and take some time to enjoy being you. Other people’s needs should never supersede a bit of “me” time. It is not selfish to love yourself just as much as you love your friends and family. Glam yourself because you’re worth the effort.

For Creative Expression and Learning

Hair, nails, and makeup take center stage when going glam. They also happen to be incredible avenues for creative expression. You’re an artist, and your eyeshadow palettes are your paint. Embrace your imaginative streak to blend colors and textures, playing with shapes and light and shade, and completely transforming your visage.

Hair and nails are creative pursuits as well. Learning to custom-color hair is heavy on science. Understanding pigments and how they react is a process of chemistry and a skill set that many people never think to develop. 

Learning to do acrylic nails is both a science and an art. Blending the proper amounts of monomer and acrylic powder to create a chemical reaction and apply a perfect nail isn’t easy. When the nails are done, you have to paint and design them, which demands an artistic eye.


Contrary to popular belief, going glam is way more than just looking good. Loving yourself, respecting yourself, developing skills, and becoming more confident is far from shallow. You need to make time for yourself and always love who you are. Glam it up whenever you get the chance, and go all out!

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