Why You Should Choose Aluminum the Next Time You Redecorate

From commercial businesses to residential properties, we all want to keep our key spaces looking stylish and on-trend. After all, there wouldn’t be a boom in home makeover shows if that wasn’t true. No matter what look you’re trying to infuse your spaces with, aluminum has the potential to be the next hot design element. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you don’t fall behind.

Aluminum is everywhere

You’d probably be surprised to learn exactly how much aluminum you encounter in your daily life. It has many of the same long-lasting, hard-working capabilities as iron and steel, yet at a fraction of the weight. This means humans have been finding smart uses for aluminum for as long as we’ve had the technology to work with it. From soda cans to the subway, aluminum is all around us.

For the eco-conscious, you’ll probably love to learn that it doesn’t require much carbon to produce, especially compared to some traditional metal industries. It can also be recycled– endlessly. There’s no need for major changes to the metal, no matter its intended use, so it can easily be reused. It’s already estimated the automotive and construction industries both use over 90% recycled aluminum. It’s also freely available in many countries, meaning you have a high chance of sourcing locally, if that’s important to you.

Aluminum doors and windows

Architectural aluminum is already widely used, and chances are there’s some in the structure of your building already. You’ve most likely encountered it as aluminum windows and door frames. It’s especially used in big expanses of glass, like French windows and sliding doors, as it’s light and easier for the consumer to maneuver. Aluminum is used in smaller windows too, primarily because it’s airtight. The less leaks in a building, the more consistently it can be heated and cooled. This also has a knock-on effect on heating and cooling bills, making the home more economical. While not the cheapest frame-choice on the market, it is mid-range and affordable. It’s also rust-free and low maintenance. Since it can be powder coated for long-lasting color that needs only a little care to stay fresh for decades, aluminum frames are very popular among commercial and residential property owners.

How aluminum can spice up your life

It’s far from your only choice, however. Aluminum shutters, whether fully-functional or simply decorative, offer a sleek, minimalist look that benefits many situations and is fully on-trend for the coming year. Aluminum canopies are increasingly used in commercial architecture as the perfect alternative to fabric awnings. They bring a slick look that’s hard to compete with, and a host of practical and long-lasting benefits that outperform even the best UV-resistant fabric. You can bring this same look into the home with open-and-shut aluminum porch awnings and other sun-control precautions. It’s also a fantastic way to make carports fit with the aesthetic of a stylish home more easily.

With aluminum, you can save the planet and look chic while doing it. The design versatility of aluminum, coupled with its undeniable good looks, makes it a popular building accent as well as a construction material. Why not bring those same sleek lines into your own space this year?