Wrist Pain: Causes and Available Treatment Options

Hands are an essential part of the body as they perform numerous tasks daily. You may assume that your hands will always be fine. While going about your daily activities, you may experience wrist pain, which can be traumatizing. Wrist pain can deter you from performing your daily tasks. Your Jersey City hand and wrist pain specialists at Garden State Pain Control offer specialized treatment procedures for hand and wrist pain.

What causes pain in the hand and wrists?

You can experience pain in the hand and wrist due to:

·   Inappropriate use

·   Overworking

·   Severe injury

·   System-wide disorders

You may sprain or fracture your hands if you misuse them or carry massive weights that your hands cannot handle. You may also accidentally hurt your hands during sporting activities or an accidental slip to the ground. When you hurt your hands, you are likely to experience a strain due to stretching or tearing of tendons. On the other hand, sprains come about when ligaments receive aggressive stretches or bends to the extent of causing pain. Fractures occur when the pressure acting on your bones is irresistible, resulting in breaks and excruciating pain. Systemic disorders like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can also lead to pain in the wrist. Further, prolonged use of the hands leads to wrist and hand pains.

Meaning of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome arises due to a nerve compression resulting in a tingling sensation and is usually experienced when you use your hand often. Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome include a tingling sensation, loss of sensation, or pain in your fingers, usually the thumb, index, and middle fingers. You are likely to feel uneasiness in your wrist or the whole arm. Additional symptoms are:

·   Persistent pain after doing a task

·   Inability to firmly hold on to tiny items

·   Severe hand and wrist pain at night

Diagnosis of wrist and hand pain

The professional team at Garden State Pain Control uses ultrasound to examine your ligaments, structural bones, joints, and other parts. This procedure involves using a handheld probe that disperses sound waves in high frequency, bouncing off your bones, ligaments, and tendons. The computer collects these sound waves and employs them to produce a clear image of the pain points.

Treatment of persistent hand and wrist pain

The doctors at Garden State Pain Control have specialized in pain medicine, making them able to examine your wrist problems and administer the correct treatment. Holding on to chronic hand and wrist pain can lead to long-term damage. The treatment procedure for persistent hand and wrist pain include:

·   Taking pain relievers

·   Alternating hands when handling a task

·   Relaxing your hand

Your physicians also provide platelet-rich plasma injections that help in soothing the pain. Injecting PRP promotes the production of soft tissue and bones, which enhances faster healing.

It is essential to take care of your hands as they handle many tasks daily. It would help if you did not ignore hand and wrist pain. Reach out to your Garden State Pain Control doctor to learn how to keep your hands free from pain.