Your Family Health Needs Under One Roof

A healthy family lives a happy life. Hence, it is crucial to seek medical attention if you or loved ones fall sick. Family First Wellness is a medical spa in Lutz, offering top-notch comprehensive health care to the whole family. Visit them in their offices for consultations, diagnosis, and effective treatments.

About Family First Wellness

Family First Wellness is all about assisting patients in Florida to get healthy, stay healthy, and stay fit. Under the leadership of Samantha Lindsay MD, the practice specializes in offering medical care to every family member, whether young or old.

Dr. Lindsay is a family practitioner who enjoys spending time with every patient to facilitate improved wellness. The practice has got you covered by managing chronic conditions like diabetes or lessening high cholesterol. To help her patients become more proactive in their health, Dr. Lindsay emphasizes preventive care through education and lifestyle changes.

Dr. Samantha has been excelling in the industry thanks to her exceptional interpersonal skills acquired in her early life as a probation officer and an entrepreneur. She uses her rare skills to help patients achieve active, healthy, and happy lives for their future.

Services Available

The practice offers a wide range of top-class services for the whole family such as:

·   Diabetes Specialist- Diabetes is a demanding condition affecting a large percentage of people in the states. Samantha Lindsay, MD, adopts a proactive approach to this condition to make the situation bearable through diet, medications, and exercise.

·   Hypertension Specialist- High blood pressure may expose you to more severe conditions like a heart attack or stroke. Your talented physician at Family First Wellness helps you uphold your heart’s health by lowering blood pressure numbers.

·       Hyperlipidemia Specialist- This condition refers to high cholesterol content in your body. If you are suffering from hyperlipidemia, your practitioner at Family First Wellness has vast experience regulating cholesterol content using the most effective protocols.

·       COPD Specialist- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is on the rise in the states. Family First Wellness center comprises a team of experienced professionals capable of helping you breathe easier in cases of COPD and asthma.

·       Double Chin Treatment Specialist- Double chin is a condition that affects both men and women of all age brackets. Samantha Lindsay, MD, and team offer effective treatments to eliminate fat through SculpSure® and Warm Sculpting™ to give your chin the look you desire.

·       Body Sculpting Specialist- In your weight loss journey, losing stubborn pockets of fat can be a near-impossible experience. Your Family First Wellness specialist applies SculpSure® treatment to eliminate fat in stubborn areas to realize your desirable physique.

·       Annual Exams Specialist- Your initial step to getting healthy, being healthy, and staying fit is the yearly exam. Dr. Lindsay and her panel conduct comprehensive healthcare including preventive care to keep the entire family healthy.

·       Aesthetic Laser Treatments Specialist- Flawless skin improves confidence. If you are bothered by fine lines, wrinkles, or scars, Samantha Lindsay MD and team apply the best laser treatments to give you a smoother, more refined look.

With proper healthcare, you get to enjoy your life adequately. For practical solutions for the whole family, contact Family First Wellness for a comprehensive solution.