Budget ATV Upgrades: Our Review

Quads, or ATVs as they are commonly known, offer an amazing experience to the rider, and such is the popularity of quads in the UK, there are riding parks all over the country. As with all motorised activities, we always try to upgrade our machines as often as we can, with some amazing add-ons that enhance the riding experience. With that in mind, here are a few cost-effective add-ons that will make your riding experience a little nicer.

  • Nerf Bars –Ask any expert and they will confirm that nerf bars are essential, as they offer a solid platform for your feet. Regardless of the riding environment, you don’t want to be focusing on keeping your feet on the pedals, and nerf bars do exactly that!
  • Bumpers– Whether you ride in the forest, wasteland or on the roads, bumpers protect the front and rear of the vehicle, plus they look really stylish.With inexpensive online solutions, check out Yamaha quad parts from QuadBikes R Us, one of the leading quad bike dealers UK riders trust for new and used quads. They also have quality add-ons that are affordable.
  • Foam Hand Grips – For the cost of a couple of packs of smokes, you can purchase some high-quality hand grips, which helps you keep a firm hold on things and avoid those nasty blisters. When correctly applied, foam grips will bond with the existing grips and that added softness really does make all the difference.
  • LED Spotlights – If you love tearing around at dusk, a couple of powerful LED spots really will illuminate the area, making for a safer riding experience. If a friend had a mechanical problem and the light is fading, you can provide essential illumination when it really matters.
  • Grab Bars – A grab bar allows you to pick up the quad by the rear section, which is handy when you tip over in a muddy stream or on a gravel track. There are different styles for different types of riding and a Google search is the best way to locate an online seller of quads and spare parts. If you are new to quads, there are websites that share beginner’s guide to ATV riding.
  • Brake Upgrades – Obviously, brakes are critical, and by investing in state-of-the-art ceramic pads, your braking performance is enhanced. When you factor in the small investment, having more effective braking allows you to explore the outer limits of control, thus adding to your talents as a rider.
  • Exhaust – It might be that you prefer an aggressive growl, or would like to squeeze a few more horses, changing your exhaust brings with it many advantages and that extra power boost can be enjoyed at the right times.

Fortunately, there are online suppliers of the best brands of ATV add-ons, plus online shopping typically saves you at least 15% on retail prices, so anytime you fancy browsing ATV features, a Google search is all it takes to view an extensive range of brand name add-ons that will enhance your riding experience.