5 Best Questions To Ask Sussex Wedding Photographer

Finding the right wedding photographer in Sussex is really a hard job to do. It is the largest part of your wedding plan to hire a photographer who can make your big day even more beautiful. It can make or break your big day so hiring right person is very crucial task to do. And for this you must talk with your close creative friends and family members.

Booking a photographer is one of the biggest part of your wedding. It makes you wedding perfect or can destroy it if hired an inexperienced photographer. So it is important to take interview of photographer before making any deal with him. In this article, we have listed 5 best questions that are very important for you to ask your Sussex wedding photographer. These questions will help you understand who is the perfect photographer for your big day. Our recommended photographers are Schmittat Photography, Simon booth, and Martin beddall.

1. Is my wedding date available?

The first important question is will photographer be available on your wedding date? Before going to next questions it is necessary to know whether he is available or not. In wedding season, the photographers are booked a month before and we don’t know whether our wedding date is available to this photographer or not. So try to ask this question at first before any other thing.

2. What are their pricing and packages?

After you known they are available, second question is to ask for prices and what is included in packages. The photographer will then ask you how much you want to spend on your wedding. According to your budget, he will show you best possible packages. The price will change from plan to plan. It depends on how many photographer and video shoot person you need. For how long you need the photographer; one complete day or half or just for few hours. Moreover, you need albums of your wedding photography and what quality photos you want in album. These things will give you an idea how much you need in pocket for wedding photography. Below we have listed questions for packages:

  • When photography starts and stops?
  • Will my photography in high-resolution?
  • Will there be a watermark on the photos
  • Do you have personal use copyright license?
  • How will I receive photos?
  • How many photos will you capture?
  • Is an album included?
  • Will you charge traveling and other expenses?

3. What Is Your Experience In Photography?

The third question is to ask him for how long he is been in this field of wedding photography. What is his experience and how many weddings he has successfully covered. Is there any unsuccessful one? It is necessary to ask this question because you can’t afford an inexperienced person as this is your big day and you can’t ruin it. He must be capable to capture all moments from candid portraits to group shots.

An experienced photographer will answer this question and he also helps you to plan in better way because he has successful coverage before. If he don’t give you suggestions and proofs then he must be liar or new to this field. Try to avoid him and go with a professional one.

4. Can you show different venue examples?

It is very important to ask for the examples he did before. They must have a website or some albums which will make it clear whether his skills are good or not. If he has beautiful and attractive portfolio then he might be the right person for your wedding day. His portfolio will let you know will he capture your day in good way and he has all the required equipment. Tip here is to look at the consistency of the photos he shows you. Look at the size, quality and shoots, if they match then he is a professional photographer. But if not then you might need another photographer.

5. Do you have a backup plan?

The last but most important question is do they have a backup plan or not? We don’t know what will happen on wedding day. The photographer might got injured or he feel sick or anything can happen to him or his equipment. So it’s nice to know is there any backup plan in place? From day of wedding to post-production, the photographer must have a backup plan in case if needed at anytime. The backup includes extra photographer, memory cards, digital cameras, stands, and other wedding equipment.