5 Quick Work from Home Set-Ups in Limited Space

Did you ever imagine that you would dearly miss your cubicle at work? We all were so used to going to work every day that this thought never crossed our minds. Now, when you have been working from home for almost two years because of the pandemic, you may badly want to return to your working desk. Many workplaces have decided to adapt work from home policy more; hence, why not create your own cubicle at home? You may have an entire extra room or absolutely no space to fit in a proper desk. Whatever be the case, we are here with some great ideas to create your own work from home desk place.

1. The Bedroom Office:

Most of us have homes with living, dining, kitchen, and bedroom space. If you live in a similar room, you have to use a corner of your bedroom to create your workspace. This will offer you some privacy when you work. If the room has a corner space, you can fit in a full-sized desk, but if there is no space, think about a fold-down desk, which is a great space-saver option, and you will at least have a desk to work.

2. Using Dining Table:

If you do not wish to invest in a separate table, you can use your dining space to work. Add a wall shelf near the dining area where you can store your office things when not in use. You may be using the dining table but do not use the dining chairs as they are not designed for long hours of sitting. Do get an ergonomic office chair to avoid back pain. Check here for more ideas on the best looking, most comfortable office chairs.

3. Console Study Unit:

A lot of homes already have console tables in the entryway or corridor. This table can be used as a study desk as well. These units come with storage space, too; hence, you can always use a drawer to store away office files and supplies when not in use. Using existing furniture will help cut costs and ensure you do not add more furniture pieces to the house.

4. An Unused Corner:

Certain areas in the house are not used usually, such as below the staircase. Make use of these small nooks of your home to plan a desk. Ensure to fit in a small foldable desk with some primary storage to utilize the space and make it functional.

5. Balcony:

If you are an outdoor person, you can always think of something out of the box and place a desk in the balcony area. Working outside will bring you closer to nature and improve productivity in many areas. Place movable furniture outside if you change your mind and wish to work inside.

The Bottom Line:

Do not conclude that you have no place to accommodate a work desk. You just have to be a little creative, and you will definitely figure out your own work area at home.