6 Things You Didn’t know You Needed When You Honeymoon With Kids

Not all honeymoons are just for the married couple. Sometimes, when one or both spouses have children, the decision is made to bring the kids along for the honeymoon. It won’t be just the two of you running to a limo (and then an airplane) through a tunnel of wedding sparklers. And no matter where you plan to travel in the world, if you are traveling with kids, these items are essential. While clothes are a given, it’s easy to forget some of these items.


I can’t tell you how important snacks are for travel. It seems like when you’re at home you can get away with maybe one snack a day. When you’re traveling though, you need at least 15. Per hour. When you travel with kids, multiply that number by the number of hairs on your head, and you can get a better picture of how many you need. Snacks cure just about anything. Late for dinner? Have a snack. Fighting with your siblings? Eat a snack. Fighting bedtime? More snacks. It’s hard to plan ahead and many places have grocery stores, but if you or your children have any favorite snacks, it’s best to stock up on them before you leave.


Whether you are pro-technology or anti-technology, let’s face it, traveling in a car or airplane gets boring. Plus waiting in lines anywhere can lead to a lot of “I’m bored” comments. A little technology such as a tablet with a handful of games, an e-book, or fun activity can go a long way. Reward good behavior with an extra 15 minutes of technology time. Let your older children download some of their favorite books to read. Give them limits, but let them mindlessly do something in the in between times to help with attitudes.


Yep, vitamins are important. Let’s face it, if your child eats even one healthy meal on vacation, you’ll probably feel like you are winning. Vitamins for kids give them the nutrients they need and help them stay healthier when you travel. You don’t need to bring 100 with you, just bring enough for the trip and call it good. Some vitamins even pack in some fiber for those kids who don’t feel like vegetables are essential.

A Good Backpack

Maybe you bought all the cute suitcases and the matching vacation outfits. Who doesn’t want to look Instagram perfect when they travel? But what you forgot was a sturdy and useful backpack. Why a backpack? Well, for starters, if you have to lug kids’ things around all day, you want it to be comfortable. Additionally, a backpack is often more secure than a regular overnight bag. Some of them have secret compartments to hide important things like technology, tickets, paperwork, and more. Plus, for those on adventure style trips, it’s easier to hike up a mountain with a good backpack than a cheap one. Don’t forget the backpack.

A Pillow

Whether you get a blow-up one or bring one from home, pillows are awesome. They are easier to bring on road trips, but it’s possible to sneak a pillow in carryon luggage as well. I’ve found that my kids feel so much more at home when they travel and sleep with their pillows at night. They make so many different travel pillows, but the best one to bring is either the one you have or the one that will fit in the luggage.

Travel Insurance

Whether you travel abroad or here in the USA, travel insurance is a must. You never know when your kids will come down with fevers, get injured, or need a trip home. You also never know when the weather’s going to turn bad. Travel insurance policies can cover medical bills, transportation home, trip interruption and more. While you may have health insurance, in emergencies, you won’t always have access to in-network providers. Travel insurance can save you a ton of money in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Traveling with kids is always an adventure. Honeymooning with kids may be even  more so. So whether you’re honeymooning with babies or you have older kids, you always want to be prepared for that trip after the ceremony, cake, and wedding balloons. I’ve found that technology is a great break especially when tired. A good backpack can save your back and shoulders from a lot of pain. And travel insurance is helpful when you really need it most. Vitamins and snacks ensure that everyone is fed and at least gets the bare minimum nutrition no matter where you go and what you eat. What are some of your essential items for when you travel with kids?