A discussion session with the supermodel Youssef Chreiba famous for “seniorjo”

Recent years have witnessed a qualitative leap in the world of fashion and fashion, both inside and outside Morocco, which has made the presentation of several designs and accessories contribute to cultural cross-fertilization between the peoples by introducing the Moroccan touch in modern dress, or through the marketing of products for international Makarat at home .

as well as facilitate ways Marketing and opening the door for the display of designs and products in international forums, and Moroccan fashion models have confirmed in concrete that they are the first in this area, and has always been the field of fashion and the world of fashion exclusive to women .

known sweep and excellence on the part of men, and to know the secret of men’s brilliance in the world of fashion show and Fashion marketing, we talked to the young fashion model ”Youssef chreiba, famous for: senior jo, to tell us his success story in the field of fashion . https://www.seniorjo.com/