A Realistic Buying guide for the Best Pressure Washer

The pressure washer machine is the most important equipment to clean your workstation and polish your skills in the industry. If you want to get inherent success and fame with your work, you must have a perfect pressure washer.  This pressure washer machine makes your work easy and helps you to complete your cleaning work with less manual efforts.

The entire professional should have the precision to their every work.  It’s not important to which profession you belong; your performance should be extraordinary in the eyes of your bosses or customers. The same things you have to do in the workstation of your industry as well as you need to show your skills to your clients and bosses. 

Guides to choose a pressure washer

Buying a pressure washer is measured to add perfectness to your work. Many workers fail to choose the best pressure washer that is suitable for their work and perfection. In the present market, there are a lot of pressure washers available in different famous brands and all are very competitive for use.  Sometimes, it’s not an easy task to find the best ones among the varieties. But you should consider some regulations and specifications to make your purchase successful and worth.  

In this article, you will get a brief guide of having a perfect pressure washer that fill up your demands.  

Electric Pressure Washer vs Gas

At first, this should be your first option to decide selecting either an electric pressure washer or a gas pressure washer.  Actually, the electric powered pressure washers and the gas powered pressure washers are effectively used to clean out the dirt but before going forward, you have to consider some facts that may be helpful for future.   

You can’t change the using place of electric washer while using the electric powered pressure washers in your workstation.  But the electric powered pressure washers hold a positive result of being quieter and they need less maintenance. So you can choose an electric pressure washer if you are looking for a stationary application.  

On the other side, gas powered pressure washer gives you a high range of flexibility to shift the place wherever you need to use the pressure washer.  In this case, if you require a higher power and pressure, you have the opportunity to increase the power and pressure of gas powered pressure washer using an extra gas cylinder. 

In comparison of electric pressure washer vs gas, if you consider the strength, a gas pressure washer is comparatively more powerful than an electric powered machine. Though the gas powered pressure washer machines are a little louder but the gas washers are perfect working away from your residence where the electric supply is limited. 

However, you can certainly choose a perfect washer between electric and gas powered pressure washer machine. Both of the washer machines have their own advantages and disadvantages and it is difficult to select what to select from both.

Finally, if you think that the pressure washer machines will be used for cleaning a stationary place or will be used for the flexible places, you can buy the best/perfect suited from both washer. 

Spare Parts

It’s not only the pressure washer that you are purchasing but also there are some other connected spare parts to consider.  You may like a specific spray gun or your buying may not provide the perfect spray nozzles that you need. 

Perhaps, you might need to take a decision to purchase your desired spare parts with your pressure washer (main purchase) or you buy another pressure washer machine that fulfills your requirements. 

The spray nozzles are categorized 60-degree, 40-degree,  0-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree according to the water flow and power and soap applicator nozzle.  Some nozzles of pressure washer have the facilities of rotating that spins and spray at the same time. These nozzles are very effective to clean your floor.  The spray wands are attached with the spray gun of your pressure washer and make it longer. 

We suggest you to have an extra HP spray hose so that you can cover the wide area of your pressure washer.  While you carry your washer machine, you may feel exhausted over and over again. 

Type of Duty

Duty type is another vital factor that you must be considered if you really want to get the best pressure washer. 

In the pressure washer industry, the pattern of work vary for all and according to that, you should choose the pressure washer machine.

Those who need the light –duty pressure washers can select a pressure washer that lies in between the power of 1300 to 2000 PSI with 2 GPM. 

The light-duty pressure washer machines are suitable for lightly weighted cleaning works or around home cleaning. These types of light-duty washers are ideal to clean your household furniture, small decks etc.  

If you need a medium duty pressure washer, you can choose the pressure washers those generates the power between 2000 to 2800 PSI at 2-3 GPM.  Medium duty pressure washers are considered to be ideal for home and shop purpose. Medium duty pressure washer machine is supported to clean exterior siding and fence

 The power of Heavy Duty pressure washer machine exceeds and reaches in between 2900 PSI to Over 3000 PSI at 3-4 GPM.  Heavy Duty pressure washer machines are durable and gas-powered which are usable for large-scale cleaning jobs. These machines can be used for cleaning and washing large buildings and paint stripping.  Heavy duty works are suitable with this sort of Heavy Duty pressure washers. 

Semi-pro Washer

The semi-pro pressure washer bridges the gap in between the professional units and consumer units. The semi-pro pressure washers are considered to be best and perfect device for those who need to use them to clean a place on a regular basis. 

 The cleaning workers who are new to the job of cleaning with the pressure washer and need to perform like the skilled workers, the semi-pro pressure washer is perfect to buy for them.  These semi-pro pressure washers are built in such a way that is fitted with a professional engine pump or consumer engine pump. 

This type of pressure washer can serve the multipurpose. The semi-pro pressure washer machine needs to keep active for several until the cleaning work is in progress in a professional engine.  

In comparison to a professional engine, consumer engine will work in your required time. Keeping in mind all the factors, the semi-pro professional engine pressure washer is found to be a preferred choice among the buyers.

If you keep in mind all these discussed points, you can easily select the best pressure washer to make your cleaning work precise.