Amazing Things To Do In Vashi

Vashi is located in India at someplace around Navi. It’s actually a node in Navi where the Thane Creek Intersects the Arabian sea. Some think that it’s in the deep outskirts and nothing goes on here, but you are wrong. It has well-developed infrastructure from malls to roads that connect it to the nearest cities like Mumbai. It experiences a humid climate owing to the fact that it’s close to the sea and has a thriving economy being one of the most ancient nodes in the region. For the newcomers and tourists who’d love to explore the wonders of this amazing place, we give a list of things to do in Vashi

Explore the Sagar Vihar Park

Whether you love being in a park or not, you won’t be able to say no to Sagar Vihar park. You experience the Thane Creek right after you walk into it, giving the place a magical feel. It also has rounded steps that take you all the way to a water body. The number of flowers at the Veer Savarkar Udyan may make you think you are in paradise. This park is amazing for allowing your thoughts to wander as you are lulled by the chirping birds.

Drive Along the Palm Beach

Vashi has some of the best roads in Mumbai, hands down. Driving here as you count the number of palm trees on the sideway is surreal. It has a road that leads you all the way to Belapur city. As you travel along, you also experience the breeze from the sea which helps you drown the chaos and madness of this world.

Amazing Lunch Spots

You can’t say how amazing a place is without mentioning the eating joints. What is life without food, and that’s what you get at Hotel Navratna in Vashi? They have some of your favorite dishes, like Pav Bhaji and the Mini Thali. This restaurant is mainly for vegetarians but meat lovers; you won’t feel left out because the delicacies are just worth every penny in your pocket.

Vashi Lunch Spots

Another place to grab a snack is at the Rite On Coal. Here you get your shawarma and other fancy meals from the middle-east like Biryani. If you ask the locals for shawarma, they’ll surely direct you to this spot.

Bikaner Gift House

How will you tell your people you were in Vashi without a souvenir from the place? Bikaner house is a home to beautiful and original handicrafts that are affordable. You can buy things like textiles and statues while there.

Mini-Sea Shore

Don’t leave that place without visiting the mini-sea shore. Here, you can experience the beauty of the spot by taking a cozy boat ride or simply just sit and soak in what nature has to offer.

You see, it’s the tiniest of things that bring joy to our souls, and Vashi will give you that. Making lazy rides with friends as you feel the breeze and visiting a heavenly park will fill you with out-of-this-world memories.

Visit the Book Fair

For book lovers, there’s a book sale that’s always on in this place. It’s only a stone’s throw way from the Vashi station and is marred with a variety of books from the very old and vintage to the latest in the market.