Avi Kerendian, GGHTx Co-Founder: The Importance of Law in Global Health Can No

Who is GGHTx Co-Founder Avi Kerendian?

The GGHTx Co-Founder and Program Director Avi Kerendian, is a global health leader and social entrepreneur who has started a nonprofit organizationthat allows young professionals in the medical and dental field tojoin hands in a way to change lives. GGHTx has been helping underserved peopleliving in the most vulnerable communities of Latin America and Uganda for the last three years.For this reason, the GGHTx program fully appreciates and values the importance of law, lawyers, and informed government policy initiatives that can help protect the health of many vulnerable people around the world.

Avi Kerendian: Government Policy canHelp Programslike GGHTx’s

The fundamental principle that governs the “Gracias” Global Health Trip (GGHTx) program is to collaborate and work withcommunity-based andnon-governmental nonprofits, working on connections that benefit local health centers or volunteer organizations in other countries.The program can moved forward thanks to these connections and partnerships that have been established through years of volunteer service, along with donations these programs receive from GGHTx, which serves communities, while also promoting development and self-sufficiency. Under the auspices of Avi Kerendian and Dr. Arash Hakhamian, the GGHTx program values one principle above all else: humility. Humility is the one principle that governs the entire “Gracias” Global Health Trip (GGHTx) program. GGHTx only works together with local partners to understand their needs and provide what they want. The reason for this is because understanding the local culture is a process and GGHTx help to provide the volunteers and assistance that the community wants. The importance that the law and government policies have on these initiatives, therefore can favorably effect the population community GGHTx collaborates with or can, unfortunately, completely hinder the health care partnerships.

The experiences of co-founder Avi Kerendian and his partner have allowed them to understand that the cultural approach is a process that volunteers must approach with the utmost humility and respect so that the experience is satisfactory for both parties.By inserting a group of students volunteers or young professionals in a new culture and language, humility acts as a bridge that defines the success of the mission.

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Current Government Policy and GGHTx Partnerships by Avi Kerendian

Currently, and despite the good wishes of the co-founders, mission trips are temporarily suspended, mainly due to the global crisis, which we are all going through due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.The GGHTx program, though, has not stopped. Thanks to its new alliance and partnership with telehealth company, Dentulu, GGHTx continues to work to provide free medical support to underserved communities, by taking advantage of the technologies offered by telehealth, whether it be email, mobile devices, or computers, amongst many others.At this time, Co-Founder Avi Kerendian insists that we adhere to the instructions that government institutions have put in place to help stop the spread of the virus, as well as to  abide by all preventive measures that keep our families and communities safe and healthy.In a short time, GGHTx will continue working together with local centers in Latin America and Uganda to help create new projects that are sustainable ones in rural areas. Avi Kerendian is confident that once again the volunteers will be able to get moving in search of experiences that help them grow professionally, but also change the lives of patients and communities they help. These volunteers will be able to enrich their global health fellowships by participating in nonprofit, educational activities that allow them to interact with the site’s culture, language and educational lifestyles. In Latin America and Uganda, the experiencesand volunteer opportunties are incredible for all participants!Avi Kerendian is confident that GGHTx will be back soon in serving their people.

Contact Information for GGHTx and Avi Kerendian

For more information on volunteering and partnerships, please contact Avi Kerendian, Co-Founder and Program Director of GGHTx via email at info@GGHTx.org, LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/avikerendian/or visit the GGHTx website at https://gghtx.org/