Effective Neck And Shoulder Pain Relief Options

Cold therapy

Two natural neck and shoulder pain relief treatments that you can try are heat and cold therapy. But how would you know which treatment to try? As a general rule of thumb, it should depend on how old the injury or pain is. If your injury or pain is recent, then you should use cold therapy. It’s best to use cold therapy for injuries that are not more than six weeks old. You can apply ice to the affected area to reduce pain and swelling. Other ways to use cold therapy include the use of cold gels, cold sprays, and ice packs.

Heat therapy

If you have chronic pain then you should use heat instead of cold therapy. So if you have an injury that is more than six weeks old, then you should apply heat to the affected area. Heat therapy is also good for lingering pains and aches. You need to be careful when you’re using heat therapy, however. Make sure that what you’re using is not too hot or you may get burned. You can use heat therapy by using hot towels, heating packs, heating pads, warm baths, saunas, etc.

Another great way to use heat therapy is through the use of balms. These balms usually contain camphor, a natural ingredient that increases the flow of blood to the surface of the skin. This creates a warming sensation in the process. The increase in blood flow to the affected area can also reduce inflammation and speed up healing time.

Adjust your posture

Sometimes neck and shoulder pain relief can be achieved by working on your posture. Your neck and shoulder pain may just be a result of poor posture. Many people don’t know that bad posture can have a cascading effect on different parts of the body. You need to pay attention to your core and lower back to ease the strain on your shoulders and neck. You should check both your standing and sitting posture and make necessary adjustments. You should also make sure that you’re not sitting too long. Make sure that you take frequent breaks if you’re working. You can take a short walk or do some stretching exercise.

You need to address neck and shoulder pain right away. Because if you don’t, it might get worse. You need to find the right neck and shoulder pain relief treatment that is right for you and your condition. Before trying anything new, however, it’s best to see a doctor first. And if the pain worsens after trying any of the remedies suggested above, you need to see your doctor immediately.