Here’s an exclusive interview with major influencer Tina Kiss

Hungarian model Tina Kiss is not only just known for her beauty, but she’s a successful entrepreneur too. The London based beauty is a successful influencer and top 0.1% onlyfans creator. She has over 1.6 million followers on instagram and close to 80,000 followers on Twitter. Tina is known to connect with her fans on instagram, but has a closer connection with her fans on onlyfans.

However, her career was once a hobby for her, which just turned into a huge success. In fact, Tina wanted to be a marine biologist when she was a kid and she once worked as a cleaner. Her life turned from rags to riches and we get to sit down and have a chat with Tina Kiss and get to know more about her views and career.

Can you tell us how you became a famous influencer?

“At first it was a hobby, because I enjoyed taking photos of myself and sharing all my intimate moments on social media. I was greatly surprised when I started gaining thousands of followers, since I never thought about being ‘insta famous’. However, I started to love it and got into it fairly quickly. It took me over six years to build my audience and reach over 1.6 million followers.”

What tips would you provide to someone who wants to become an influencer?

“Don’t be despondent when you first start out, because it can be hard to build and retain a loyal fan base on social media. It’s becoming increasingly difficult as more people are trying to become influencers. I think the most important thing is to be passionate and unique.”

Can you tell us more about your ownership of the OnlyFans website?

“I started using onlyfans two years ago to monetize my instagram following. I’m one of the top content creators on the platform now. I post NSFW content. Onlyfans is a great platform for all influencers to monetize their social media following. It is easy to use and perfect for connecting with fans”

How did you get into modelling?

“It was just a hobby for me in the beginning but soon I realized I can turn my hobby into a business.” 

What do you get up to when you’re not modelling?

“In my free time I like exercising and reading or just simply spending time with my family and friends.”

Do you love travelling?

“Yes I love traveling but unfortunately what’s happening in the world right now with the pandemic, has stopped me doing that.”

What do you love most about London?

“London is a place for endless possibilities. You could spend a lifetime exploring the city and you’d never stop being surprised.”

What do you love most about Hungary?

“Hungary is a truly unique and beautiful country. Our capital city is one of the most beautiful cities i’ve ever been to. I really love and miss the hungarian cuisine.”

What do you love about instagram?

“I love the simplicity of the platform. It’s very visual and there’s not as much clutter as facebook has. Instagram is everywhere and its features are evolving on a daily basis.”

Does social media affect your mental wellbeing by receiving any negative comments or feedback?

“It does affect everyone’s mental health. While Social media platforms can have their benefits, using them too frequently can make you feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run. Negative comments do not affect me anymore. I learnt to deal with them over the years.”

Do you have any upcoming modelling projects that we should look out for?

“Not right now, because of the current pandemic situation going on. All my future projects have been pushed back now, but I am hoping that circumstances will change next year.”

Tina Kiss is still very active on social media and loves to spread body positivity by posing in front of the camera and embracing her body like an art canvas. She’s also covered in tattoos, which makes her stand out even more. Her Only Fans account currently has a sale for new subscribers, which you can check out and sign up through her instagram account.