Here’s the Story Behind Faaiza Omar aka The Stylish Baker

Faaiza Omar is an online sensation and has claimed the name as The Stylish Baker. She’s instantly recognizable amongst the other bakers out there because of her stylish outfits and her delicious treats that are absolutely heavenly for dessert lovers. The successful business woman has gained over 51,000 followers on Instagram and is the perfect host at her classy tea parties.

She has recently released her book ‘My Sweet Life’ and still currently runs her online store and pastry school with her sister. Faaiza is a true inspiration to all ambitious female entrepreneurs and is the real life fashionable princess who’s also a very respectable business woman. In this article, we tell you the exclusive story behind the success of The Stylish Baker.

Where it all began

Faaiza was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and always had a love for desserts from a young age. Even though she started out her career as a skin care therapist, she couldn’t ignore her passion for baking. After being fascinated by French pastries, she decided to travel to Paris  for master classes there. Faaiza explained that, “My infatuation with perfecting the art of macaron making got me hooked onto French pastries.”

Soon after that, she was curious to experiment with different flavours and techniques. Her love for baking grew even more and she decided to post her creations online. She kept posting recipes, photos and her travel diaries on her instagram account. The fashion queen also posted photos of her sophisticated outfits and showcased all of her passions online.

Faaiza stated that, “I started off by sharing the pastries I learned at the masterclasses I attended in Paris.  I shared the techniques and videos. It was my way of expressing my creativity.”

The first step towards success

With her passion and motivations, Faaiza was consistently posting online. As she continued to graft, her work soon became recognised by other active users on social media. The independent entrepreneur explained that, “It was exciting and heartwarming to see people responding to my posts. My followers began trying out my recipes and sharing them on Instagram and were tagging me in their posts. Their families loved my recipes too.”

As Faaiza became popular, her followers also had a high demand for her baking tools and ingredients. The Stylish Baker was then birthed and turned into an official business, as Faaiza and her sister launched an online pastry supply store in 2016. At the time there was a growing demand from bakers to learn advanced french pastry techniques, which is what motivated them to open a pastry school.

In 2018, Faaiza won the Lancewood Cake-Off challenge in New York with her rose, pistachio and raspberry gâteau.

What is she up to now?

Faaiza is still a skin care therapist and now hosts her own master classes as well as exclusive events such as tea parties. Her online store is booming with customers globally and they have become suppliers for hotels, restaurants and home bakers. Her online store specialises in selling patisserie tools, moulds and ingredients.

She still continues to post regularly on Instagram, but with more fashion related photos as well as stunning shots of her desserts. The Stylish Baker also loves to travel and is still running events in some locations such as South Africa. 

She also has a generous, philanthropic side, since she has helped raise money for underprivileged countries during the Pandemic. She is also passionate about eradicating poverty and always wants to help. Faaiza is a strong believer in women empowerment, but in our eyes she’s an inspiring role model that represents that.

Bakers can now enjoy her debut book that she’s recently released and her up to date recipes on her website. The book is a mere taste of Faaiza’s repertoire. Everything from delicate petits fours, celebration cakes, cheesecakes to brioches, ice creams and delectable desserts, ‘My Sweet Life’ is the ideal book for all bakers.

Faaiza advised that, “Anyone can be successful, but in order to do that you need to be patient, hard working and passionate about what you do. It’s possible to achieve your dreams, but just don’t give up so easily.”