How does a turret reloading press work?

In all concerns, single stage reloading press is better than the complicated turret reloading press. If you are here for reloading a single caliber of ammunition, but you want something that is affordable, nothing can be better than turret reloading press. If you are interested in using more than one caliber, you can also settle for interchangeable turrets. So, you get all your solutions with turret reloading press.

Before you choose your reloading press to improve your reloading experience, it’s important to know how actually a turret reloading press works and which turret press will be best for you. Turret press will be the best type of press if you want multi-task in a press at budget.

Now, if you want to know in detail how a turret reloading press works, take a look below! 

Functioning Process: Turret Reloading Press Compilation  

  • When you rely on a singlestage reloading press, you have to keep in mind that it depends on one die at a time. It has the ability to hold one die in a specific time. In this case, the die has to get placed, removed, and replaced again. The other dies will perform the additional works.
  • On the other hand, the Turret Press basically has a rotating disk. This disk includes some holes where the dies are mounted. These are called stations. The holes are basically tapped with threads. The stations will vary from 4 to 5, and there can be more stations if required.   
  • There are required reloading dies that are fitted with the turret reloading press. These are basically rotated over the case holder of the turret press. As a result, the required tasks of reloading perform depending on one single case.
  • Rotation can be automatic, or it can be held depending on manual performance too. If you pull the press handle of the reloading turret press, the turret will rotate to the next station.
  • When it comes to price, the price of a turret reloading press varies from each other on different factors. The level of optimal features, along with the installed features, may make a change on the price of the reloading press.
  • An example, the capability of adding up a primer punch is an added feature of the turret reloading press. This feature may bring a change in the amount you pay for the reloading press.
  • In most cases, the die sets of the turret reloading press include three dies. It means there are three different stations in general. The first station consists of a DECAPPING die. The resizing die is set at the second station.
  • Seating and crimping die of the turret reloading press work are set on the station 4. In this case, you have to keep in mind that, if you make the combination of resizing and DECAPPING dies that these together will go into station 1.
  • The seating die will set into the 3rd station. If this happens then there will be a separate crimp die on the turret reloading press. Consequently, this separate crimp die will be set on the 4th station.  
  • Between the seating die and the resizing die, you can fit the powder funnel. This can happen in the 4th die. If you want, then you can configure the station here according to your choice. You can set it on the 2nd or 3rd station. If you are thinking about the locking grub screws, then remember that these dies do not need that.
  • The equipment configuration is very important when you are dealing with turret reloading press. The assembly highly depends on the number of dies, powder thrower, primer punch, etc. The regular reloading rate can be 100 to 200 rounds every hour. If you are using this, you will never need to remove and replace dies again!

Wrap Up

If you are not getting what you want from a single stage reloading press and want to upgrade the system, the best option is to get for a turret reloading press. Moreover, the turret reloading press works better than the single stage reloading press but is less expensive than the progressive reloading presses.

The way turret reloading press works is a little complicated, but once you get accustomed to it, you will never feel the complication at all! At the same time, you will also realize choosing a turret reloading press is the best decision you have ever made in your reloading journey.

So to make your reloading quick, do not stall with you old single stage reloading press change it too with turret reloading press. But if you want the best experience then try to buy a progressive reloading press, this type of reloading press can cost you a bit but it will make your reloading faster.