How To Access And Watch US Netflix From Canada?

You may be a lover of streaming servers like Netflix, but don’t watch it from Canada because of IP address blocks. You have to learn now how to make and watch US Netflix from Canada smoothly. Find out what are the steps you should follow to watch canada Netflix using private networks and if there is a way to watch it without it.

US Netflix Vs. CA Netflix: Why Is There A Difference?

When you hire Netflix from Canada, you may notice a slight difference in its interface’s available content. Netflix CA versus Netflix from the US differs in its content, where North American content is more up-to-date. The Netflix option in Canada focuses more on classic movies and series for you to enjoy as a family.

If you are a true fan of Netflix, you will notice these programming differences that undoubtedly affect your experience level. You may want to watch more up-to-date movies and series, but Netflix CA does not have them. Another thing that differentiates both Netflix streams is the cost of hiring where the Canadian is higher.

If you are tired of watching classic movies and want to refresh yourself with good Netflix content, you should use North American. You will keep up with the series and movies that the Netflix chain uploads for a lower price.

There is nothing better than American streaming networks, although Netflix has an extension for Canada. Some new series that you want to watch today may not be available for this Netflix extension. Although Netflix CA providers work hard to keep their content up to date, they will never be like Netflix in the US.

Why Watch US Netflix In Canada?

The reasons why you should watch US Netflix in Canada are many starting with cost. Although Netflix CA is good, it is not as receptive to the public as Netflix in the US. With the chain in the US location, you will have better options in series and movies.

Other reasons why you should watch US Netflix in Canada include:

• Best television content

You will see more movies and series with US Netflix than using Canadian due to some restriction policies. With Netflix in the United States, there is no restriction on content for you to enjoy at home.

•Affordable prices

Although it seems illogical, Netflix from the US has a more affordable price than Netflix CA and more movies. If you are going to pay for quality service, you must join Netflix from the US.

• Attentive technical support

You may have problems with US Netflix and have attentive technical support to solve them as soon as possible. The American streaming service is more active on its platform, while the Canadian one shows a lot of deficiency. You have to pay for good quality live streaming with no drops or glitches on your platform.

• News

With Netflix from the US, you can find out all the news in the new series with its release date. This provider delivers on its premieres in new content for you to look forward to. The best thing about Netflix is that it will release all the chapters of a new series and seasons of existing series.

• Greater transmission options

You will have greater options for live streaming with US Netflix versus Canadian Netflix. You can change the movie to the original language or whatever the broadcast is available at the moment.

How To Get US Netflix In Canada?

For you to get US Netflix in Canada, you need to do the following using a private network as a bridge:

  1. You have to purchase, download and install a VPN on your computer or mobile device to watch US Netflix.
  2. When you have the private network on your device, you have to start it.
  3. You will need to hide and change your IP address in Canada to one within the United States.
  4. With the US IP, you will be able to access US Netflix while in Canada without problems. You must hire a quality VPN that offers you stability in your connection to broadcast live.

You can use the VPN in your Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or another browser to connect to US Netflix in Canada. Private mobile networks are also useful for you to watch your series on North American Netflix.

There is no simpler way you can have US Netflix without using a private network for hire. When you have access to this foreign Netflix server, you will need to register and make the subscription payment. You will notice that US Netflix’s payment is lower than the Canadian one, which will allow you to save some money.

How Can I Watch US Netflix In Canada Without VPN?

How Can I Watch US Netflix In Canada Without VPN?

You could also watch US Netflix in Canada without a VPN through a DNS setting. You could change where your data connects and thus have a valid IP address for the foreign streaming server.

The only alternative you have to watch US Netflix in Canada without VPN is to buy a DNS app or software. These tools are used to redirect your current web traffic to the country you want to connect to. This software to configure your DNS is usually stable and even more reliable than a VPN but more expensive.

The DNS settings on your computer or mobile can slow down your network connection, just like VPNs. You could experience an extra error when having proxy problems because Netflix has detected the connection.

Using the configurable DNS, you have to remove the changes and use VPNs if you are not satisfied. The only advantage that VPNs have over DNS settings is that they offer you better connection guarantees.

If you compare both options, VPNs may work better for you to stream Netflix. You won’t have to configure anything with private networks, unlike DNS, which requires a complex method. You should not miss this opportunity to watch Netflix outside of Canada with a private network that you only need to turn on and go.


You have to opt for the best Netflix streaming, and if you don’t like Canadian content, you can switch to American. It is time for you to learn how to watch US Netflix in Canada using or without a VPN. You will improve your Netflix series and movie experience and pay less money for the transmission.

You must follow each of the steps to watch US Netflix with a VPN for hire. You could have better series and movies to watch today with a private network that has a simple setup. Don’t miss out on some of the best TV content in North America and bypass IP blocking on Netflix with private networks.