How to avail bail bond with the help of a bail bondsman

When you are under arrest for any suspect of crime (which you may or may not have committed), you first go straight to the police station for booking. The police and law enforcement officer enlists the information like name and address, fingerprints, mugshots, and background verification. Once this process is over, you/the defendant is eligible for one free call to anybody. You can use the station phone to speak to some in confidence (friend, family, and lawyer). This information is a prelude to how does bond money work. The following 48-72 hours are crucial as this is the period when your lawyer must make arrangements to bring you out from jail.

When your attorney files for bail in the preliminary court hearing, the judge reviews the cases thoroughly to decide bail eligibility. If you are lucky and get the bail, you are liable to pay the amount to ensure the release. The bail amount starts with basic charges, and with high risk, it increases. The bail amount is generally too high. It is challenging for an average-income person to pay off the entire sum in one go. Therefore, bail bonds are there to ease out the payment. You can apply for a bail bond for  bell gardens bail bonds

Applying for the bail bond

Getting a bail bond is a challenge, especially when the defendant is in jail. There are several points for consideration. The charges on the defendant, personal circumstances, the financial condition, is the crime for the first time, or is there history and dependents of the defendants are few to mention. 

However, many surety companies offer bail bonds, prepare legal documents, and attend court hearings. Using the collateral money in case of failure to appear in court is also the bail agent’s responsibility. 

There are several conditions to abide by when you get a release from jail on bail – travel restrictions, changes in employment requirements, staying away from illegal substances and drugs, no possession of a weapon. Mandatory check-in, attending the compulsory classes by the court, and not having any contact with the victim (in case of stay-away orders) are also crucial to follow.

Bail bonds explained

Bail bonds are a simple alternative to pay off the full bail amount with the help of a bail bondsman. The bondsman must provide a contract against 10% of the total bail amount in addition to their fees. For the remaining 90% of the bail amount, an assurance of collateral (property, gold, or similar) is on the guarantee to the court. You must hire a bail bond agent to get all the paperwork for this arrangement.

If the defendant appears in the court on the next court hearing, the bondsman returns the collateral, closing the case. However, failing to appear in court will have significant repercussions. The court will cancel the bail, and all the collateral money goes to pay the remaining bail amount. The first 10% of the bail sum becomes profit for the bondsman. Hire a lawyer who can help you with the court proceedings and prove you are non-guilty or support reducing the charges. All the best!