How To Choose The Right Cash Sorter For Your Business?

A cash sorter is perhaps the most significant tool people in business must-have. It decreases the counting errors and ensures that the accounts are correct. It also saves time by calculating money much faster than human-handled cash counting machines. Now a cash sorter has other functions too and some of them include the ability to identify counterfeit bills.

When purchasing a cash sorter, ypou must keep in mind price, functionality, hopper capacity, ease of use, mixed denomination value detection, and counterfeit detection. Additionally, keep in mind to place the machine with extra care. If you are considering placing it on a table, first have dining table fabrication done on it, to avoid scratches, etc. 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Cash Sorting Machine?

Make sure to follow the following factors before buying a cash sorting machine for your business. Also, ensure to buy only the best for your business. Get in touch with the leading food packaging suppliers, take away containers suppliers, etc.

  1. Price And Functionality

Let’s start with the functionality. Rather than being amazed by the features, please concentrate on what you require. A bill counter is mandatory if you run a small company or any company where the cash will be kept in the register. A supermarket, of course, needs more features than a small company. 

Now the bill counters do not find out the denomination value. They count the number of bills and scan them with counterfeit detection technology. The money is already released from the cash registers, sorted by denomination.

The more features a cash sorter has, the pricier it will be. The fundamental bill counters are considered the most reasonably priced option. The multi-currency machines are the most expensive. The features are helpful in particular situations. While the bank may need them, a store would not.

The mixed denomination sorters cost around $1000, while you may find the bill counters for $200 or less.

2. Hopper Capacity

The hopper could be defined as the pocket where you place the uncounted bills. The tray where the bills are placed is known as a hopper. Hopper capacity matters a lot as it determines how much cash can be sorted in a certain time limit.

Two hundred bills are believed to be the typical hopper capacity for the basic models, and for most people, that would be sufficient. If the counter has a hopper capacity of 200 bills and a counting speed of at least 1000 bills in one minute, that means it counts five bills in one minute.

A high hopper capacity is quite desirable. If your company does not handle lots of cash, a big hopper may not be that necessary. 

3. Ease Of Use

A cash sorter must be easy to use. The difficulty tends to increase with each extra feature. In the case of a simple bill counter, you can put the bills inside the hopper quickly.

You do not need a lot of features. The user interface is perhaps the essential factor you must consider when determining which cash sorter to buy. If you are still confused about which machine to choose, you must check out the reviews to see if anyone has any complaints. The sorter must have a comprehensible LCD or LED display. With them, you can use the cash sorter in a hassle-free manner.

4. Mixed Denomination Value Detection

Mixed denomination cash sorters are generally more expensive than the standard ones. They rely on color sensors and advanced software to find out the denomination of every bill. All the components must be in proper shape to function accurately at a desirable speed.

Another benefit of color sensors is that they incorporate an additional security layer. Now the expense of a mixed denomination sorter is not something a small entrepreneur can afford. So, if you have enough room in your budget, you may splurge a bit on expensive sorters.

5. Counterfeit Detection

This is perhaps the most significant feature of a cash sorter. While not each model has this in-built feature, you must buy one that comes with this feature. Counterfeit money is quite difficult to identify, with plenty of dollars in circulation.

Detecting counterfeit money with hands is challenging and time-consuming. To be completely safe, you would have to check each bill, and you certainly do not have that much time. 

There are many techniques a cash sorter uses for checking the counterfeits. The most common one is through UV. You should also ensure to have enough lighting in your space so that the machine user doesn’t find it hard to locate things. Contact some tail light manufacturers to get the best quality lights supplied.  

Final Word

Once you have decided on your requirements, choosing a cash sorter should not be a problem. If you need one with more advanced features, try increasing your budget.