How to detect a scammer

Dating sites are gaining more and more popularity. Nowadays, it is very easy to find love online, but on the internet, you may also meet a scammer. Scammers what nothing else but money. Most of them have mastered their social skills and can easily take money away from inexperienced users. Check this list of the best hookup sites to avoid adverse situations.

If it’s fast money, the goal of the fast money hunter is to make you trust him or her and then apply their frauds and schemes to get money from you. As a rule, such scammers hunt among new users, so it is not difficult to suspect that something is amiss. In this case, all messages are stereotyped and look the same.

Long-term scammers often hunt for huge money. Usually, they never meet “victims” and remotely manage several “clients” over the years. Some of them are very active offline: they get to know a family and even may get married. It is very hard to find those scammers because they work only with one victim, and sometimes romances with them just seem bad, while in reality, they were fake. In this article, we will focus on the short term scammers. Some trustworthy websites such as jump4lovescam have a team of specialists, who verify the authenticity of personal photos and delete questionable pages. If necessary, contact them.

To make a significant amount of money, a scammer has to talk online with many people at the same time. He or she doesn’t have the time or wish to write each letter manually. Thus, it won’t be difficult to notice such a crook. But you must be attentive and careful. Here is the list of things that should sound an alarm in your head.

  • Your new partner insists on leaving the dating site and wants you to use e-mail or social network.
  • He or she confesses love in the first weeks of communication.
  • He or she tries to show you that they have everything, except for a loved one.
  • He or she has a profession that may sound romantic: “I work in Red Cross, I help people.”
  • He or she wants to send you an expensive gift (a smartphone or some other gadget or sometimes jewelry).

We also are going to provide you with five rules on how to avoid becoming a victim of Internet scammers.

1. Learn more about your partner

A few users on dating websites want to learn more about their partners than what they mention in their bios. Those people believe that if they ever want to learn something from them, they will simply ask. But this is a huge mistake. When you meet someone online, your first task is to make sure that he or she isn’t a liar. Compare the information from his or her page with the info from the internet. Thus, you will know who you are talking to. You may try to use google photos to search for pictures from his or her page.

2. Does your partner answer your questions?

Pay attention to his or her messages and the way your partner responds to you. Usually, in fraud schemes, scammers use the same letters and messages. They just don’t have enough time to write something new every day.

3. Don’t provide personal information

It is enough for the fraudster to know your name and address, to be able to take money from you. Don’t disclose your private information before personal acquaintance. Also, you should never send nude photos. Because scammers may use them to blackmail you.

4. Get a separate page in social networks and mail.

It is better to use a separate mailbox, phone, and social network account for your correspondence. Thus, you will protect yourself from unwanted contacts. Remember that it is very easy to find you if a scammer knows your phone number and name.

5. Make an appointment

Scammers say that they live abroad for a reason. They are not going to meet with you, so it is easy to check your partner. Ask him or her to contact you with a video chat on Skype.

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