Is My Mask Actually Protecting Me From COVID-19?

The novel Covid-19 pandemic has spread rapidly mainly due to a lack of understanding about the importance and usage of masks. Face masks protect you from the respiratory droplets left in the air when people shout, sing, talk, or cough. 

Simply, a mask is a barrier that reduces the spray of droplets into your mouth or nose. This aspect has made face coverings with masks an essential requirement in most places. What’s left for you is to find out the best face mask for you. Visit Source Ortho to buy online face mask.

Common Types of Masks

Cloth Mask

Most of these masks are made of simple clothing materials available at home. Therefore, the effectiveness of these masks solely depends on their construction. 

This is still the case with store-bought cloth masks, which come in different layers and designs. Generally, the cloth mask is considered to be around 60% effective, with higher qualities showing higher rates. 

The Surgical Mask

The disposable surgical mask is a thin paper-like mask usually in white or light blue color. The mask can filter around 70% of the air particles you inhale. 

Besides, having your mask worn diligently in public significantly reduces your chances of infection. These masks are not to be reused and should be disposed of carefully after some hours or whenever they appear wet. 

The Kn95 Mask

The Kn95 is more of a respirator that provides the most protection from Covid-19. The mask also is effective in curbing the spread of other respiratory diseases. 

The kn95 filters about 95% of the air particles you inhale, significantly reducing infection chances. Their unique performance influences the demand, thus causing a short supply and reservation for frontline workers. 

Where Do I Find The Kn95 Mask For Sale?

The high demand for these masks has prompted an additional supply strategy that ensures that institutions and the public are all protected. 

Specifically, you will find the kn95 mask for sale in your convenience store. Besides, you can order a reasonable quantity of Kn95 masks online throughout all the popular sites.  

How Do I Wear My Mask Correctly?

The ever-changing Covid-19 mutations and symptoms make it hard to detect the infected. For that reason, you should stay safe by ensuring that you follow simple precautions like washing your hands regularly and wearing a mask. 

Make it normal to always have a mask when in public places and use, store to dispose of it appropriately. So whenever you are wearing your mask:

  • Ensure you have clean hands washed with soap or a sanitizer.
  • Attach your mask covering the mouth, nose, and chin. 
  • Avoid touching the mask, and always rewash your hands when you do so.
  • Store the mask in clean containers or bags.
  • Dispose of your mask in a trash bin and thoroughly wash your hands. 

Mask wearing should be the new norm in your social life to keep you safe from the Covid-19 pandemic. Notably, the KN95 masks have proved to be the most effective if worn appropriately. Reach out to your convenience store and choose enough masks for you and your family. Note that at some point, the masks may only be preserved for frontline workers.