Jacob Arabo Biography, Life, Career, Net Worth 

Jacob Arabo is a renowned jewelry designer and founder of Jacob & Co., a luxury jewelry and timepiece brand. He is known for creating custom pieces for some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including David Beckham, Elton John, and Jay-Z. Arabo’s life and career are full of interesting stories and impressive accomplishments, making him a fascinating figure in the world of luxury.

Early Life and Education

Jacob Arabo was born in Uzbekistan in 1965. His family moved to Israel when he was young, where he grew up in poverty. Despite facing a difficult upbringing, Arabo was determined to succeed and pursued an education in jewelry design. He attended a school in New York City and later worked as an apprentice at a jewelry factory.

The Start of Jacob & Co.

People quickly recognized Arabo’s talent for jewelry design, which led him to eventually start his own business. In 1986, he founded Jacob & Co. with the goal of creating unique, high-quality pieces for his clients. The company quickly gained a reputation for excellence and Arabo’s designs began to attract the attention of celebrities and other wealthy individuals.

Rise to Fame

As Jacob & Co. grew in popularity, Arabo’s client list continued to expand. He created custom pieces for a wide range of celebrities, including Madonna, Rihanna, and Victoria Beckham. Several movies, including “Ocean’s Twelve” and “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” featured Arabo’s designs.


Authorities arrested Jacob Arabo in 2006 on charges of money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud, accusing him of using his business to launder money for a drug ring based in Detroit. Arabo denied the charges and ultimately pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements to federal agents. He served two years in prison and was released in 2010.

Return to Jewelry Design

After his release from prison, Jacob Arabo returned to the world of jewelry design. He has continued to create high-end pieces for his clients and expand the Jacob & Co. brand. In recent years, he has focused on creating innovative timepieces, including the Astronomia Tourbillon, which features a rotating dial and a diamond-studded case.

Net Worth

Jacob Arabo’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 million. His success in the luxury industry has made him one of the wealthiest people in the field of jewelry design.

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Q: What is Jacob Arabo’s net worth?

A: Estimates value Jacob Arabo’s net worth at around $500 million.

Q: What is Jacob & Co.?

A: Jacob & Co. is a luxury jewelry and timepiece brand founded by Jacob Arabo in 1986.

Q: Who has Jacob Arabo created jewelry for?

A: Jacob Arabo has created jewelry for a wide range of celebrities, including David Beckham, Madonna, and Rihanna.

Q: What is the Astronomia Tourbillon?

A: Jacob Arabo created the innovative Astronomia Tourbillon timepiece, which boasts a rotating dial and a diamond-studded case. It is one of the most complex and luxurious watches in the world, with a price tag that reflects its exclusivity.


Jacob Arabo is a fascinating figure in the world of luxury jewelry and timepieces. From his humble beginnings to his rise to the top of the industry, his life and career are full of interesting stories and impressive accomplishments. 

Arabo has continued to innovate and create unique pieces that some of the world’s most famous people highly seek, despite facing controversy and legal troubles.

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