Liat Kourtz Oved Reveals the Season’s Most Coveted Truffle Collection on CoverMe (

With Covid’s situation, it is next to impossible to go to a salon and get your hair treated. 

So, all the ladies out there who have burned their hair by overheating have gone a year without getting their split ends cut. All the blondes that were God-intended brunettes first, let’s apologize to your hair for all the inflicted torture. 

And now let me tell you that if you thought that your lacklustre hair was a lost cause, then girl, we have got some good news for you. 

CoverMe has got your back. 

The owner of CoverMe, Liat Kourtz Oved, is well aware of common hair problems and how important it is for us to get them the care they need at a good salon. 

She often says, “healthy hair is a girl’s greatest accessory.” And she is here to ensure that your hair stays in a gorgeous state throughout the lockdown. 

You don’t need to go all the way to a salon and spend money when you get the same result at half the price at the comfort of your own home. 

This product can act as your first line of defense in the war against dull hair. 

Drum roll, please!

CoverMe presents you a Truffle case for hair care by the Moroccon gold series. This limited-edition package contains Truffle shampoo, mask, serum, leave-in mask, and hair perfume. 

This exclusive series is free of sulfates

It’s like magic enclosed in a bottle. Within 3-minutes, you can have manageable smooth hair

Whether you’re a curly hair girl dealing with frizz or a straight hair babe trying to minimize static, you can all benefit from truffles microcapsules containing Vitamin A, D, and E. 

These wonderful nutrients, along with other minerals, fatty acids, and omegas, seep into your hair and nourish it. 

The hydration and vibrance are further locked in by active and natural ingredients such as shea butter, keratin, linseed oil, and glycerin. These products are a holy grail. 

Truffle Mask: This product is a 3-minute wonder. For all you lazy girls out there, let me introduce to you your saving grace. 

Because this product quickly penetrates your hair strand and accelerates the infusion of anti-aging nutrients present in microcapsules. 

This will give your hair a youthful appearance.

Truffle shampoo: It deeply yet gently cleanse your scalp to get rid of all the product build-up. 

Moreover, the formula is nutrient-dense and capable of hair regeneration

Truffle Leave-In Mask: This product is a heat-protectant, pre-styling spray, and shiner all in one. 

It prepares and protects your hair for any styling or damage that you plan on inflicting on it. 

In addition to this, it’s one of those rare products that will neither weigh down your stands nor make it look greasy. 

It gives the perfect amount of moisture that doesn’t steal volume from your luscious locks 

Truffle Serum: It adds final smoothness and vibrance to your hair.

Truffle Perfume: It will make your air smell heavenly

In short, these products will be your best friends during this lockdown. You should thank your lucky stars because this whole package has a 40% discount at CoverMe. 

So, do not waste any time and start stocking up because items this good don’t stick around on the shelf for long!