On My Wedding I Was On Planet Of Bliss!

Some days become difficult to forget because they store the utmost happiness and cry.

I think I cannot forget that day because that day, my family did the best out of everything they can do to make me happy.  Yes, it was my wedding day. The day I got proposed was the day of celebrating love everywhere, it was the 14th of February and the date of my marriage was also 14th.  Well this cannot be a coincidence because I and my partner run hectic schedule of work and to make our dates meet turned out as the trickiest task.

I don’t know why I was in a state of mind that only this was the hurdle my marriage faced but the truth was …there was more to it and immense that can put anyone’s parent in stress. Yes! The guess is write it is about disturbed finances. the year which was marriage date was decided that same year and few months back my  parents faced a huge loss in business which led them into skipping the repayments and further they got stuck with the mark of a bad credit score as well.

It is very difficult for me to describe in words how bad I felt when I came to know about all this.

As I mentioned above that my parents did everything that they could do on their behalf and that is the reason I came to know about this whole scenario when I came back from vacation with partner with the continuing 3rd month of their marriage…

How did my parents manage to hide?

My marriage was fixed on the 14th of Feb they received a good amount of time to make a decision in terms of managing the situation of troubled funds. Most of the time, I heard them talking about British lenders (online financial service providers) they often think to get the assistance but they postpone it for some much more urgency. And, who would have thought that emergency would be my marriage. 

They were successful in hiding the … the game behind because the online private money lenders such as British Lenders in the UK provide same day for bad credit with instant approval and its whole process deals on online platform. Only because of online platform they were able to deal implicitly. (A big thanks to quick approval)

My marriage date was coming closer and I was totally drowned in the happiness of … uniting with my partner and I was not able to read the stress of managing all these things of them together.

It is the only reason why I think that I should share more about the online lender because if any parent could use it to solve their financial that would be very great. And I would feel that though I could not assist my parents during that time but I can do my best efforts to help other people from my wedding experience. 


  • Firstly, after getting the instant approval they select the sections which were the most significant for my wedding such as wedding cake and expensive veil. 
  • Second is that they applied for a small amount which helped them cover all the small needs as in taking out expense for cab booking.. like that.
  • Third, is that they used the easy repayment feature wisely that helped them complete the loan journey in an organised way.