Online Islamic education- the way forward

The online educational platforms have been rising for the last decade or so. The advent and growth of online educational websites and companies are growing on a fast speed day by day. The online education system is so beneficial that many of the very old universities are adopting them now. Universities are integrating online platforms such as Coursera into their curriculum so that their students learn more concepts in addition to the ones that are already taught to them by their teachers.

Muslim community especially those who are living in the UK, USA and other modern countries are in a dire need for Islamic Teaching for their kids. Online classes are the best solution for these Muslim families.  

The online educational platforms offer a great number of benefits for the students which make this relatively new phenomenon a very viable one. Some of the benefits that can be reaped out of the online education are as follows:

  • Flexible Timing: By learning online, the students can choose the best time that is suitable for them. They do not need to adjust to the time of the class or the one suitable for the instructor. There can be a very efficient management of time too, for example if you are commuting to and from college days, you can learn online while you are on your way; you will be utilizing much of your otherwise wasted time.
  • Cost-effective: Online education usually demands nothing more than a stable internet connection and sometimes it dies not even demands that. Many of the online educational platforms are completely free while others have a large number of their features available for free. For example, Coursera offers many free courses for its users while there are also paid courses. Adding to this, if you want to take a course that is not free, but you cannot afford to pay its fee, there is a financial aid system available too. 
  • Intercultural and International mingling: Students from different cultural backgrounds and from different countries take courses online and there is a very high chance that you will be introduced to several people from across the globe that is taking a course with you. This is a wonderful opportunity to make contacts and learn about different cultures and countries. 
  • Convenience: Convenience is the primary reason why people are shifting to, or at least integrating online education. With online education, you do not need to get up daily early in the morning, get ready to go to school or college and then travel long distances to reach a class where you will be forced to study with conditions you do not like. Online education allows you to study whenever you like, wherever you like and however you like. 

Online Quran Education

Quranic education such as how to recite Quran with Tajweed, Online Quran Reading, Online Quran Memorization, translation of Quranic verses, history of revelation, preservation and compilation of Quran and so on is also available online now. There are a number of Online Quran academies, but a few of them are working very best like QuranHost. Let’s learn how you can access these educational areas online and following are some of those:

  • Smartphone applications: There are thousands of applications that allow you to learn Quran online. These applications can easily be downloaded from Playstore or from Appstore. There is proper maintenance done on these applications and there are frequent updates in them too.
  • One on one private tutoring: Private tutors can be hired who teach online using a video calling program such as Skype. These tutors are usually based in Middle Eastern countries such as Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. They have great expertise in Quranic teachings and usually charge very reasonable prices. A great benefit of using this method is that your child will get pure undivided attention of the instructor while studying.
  • Online education academies: There are a lot of online academies that teach Quran to those who want to learn. Usually, these academies charge a monthly subscription fee and provide a lot of facilities to the learners including an online library, testing facilities, lecture videos, presentations and so on. 

Online education is the future, and the world is moving very quickly towards it. It is a wise option to keep up your pace and adapt to the changing patterns to stay competitive. Anyone who wants to Learn Quran Online can visit the QuranHost Online Academy for getting Quran classes for kids and adults. You and your kids can learn Quran Online at home with comfort. For details visit:

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