Reviews of the quality manager salary and other aspects of the job in Uss Express

If you often request “jobs near me” because you don’t believe in the possibility of finding a good remote job, think twice. Here is a description of reviews on Indeed and other platforms about a quality control manager in Uss-Express.

Description of the employer: don’t look for “work near me”, work is always near you if you work from home!

Uss-Express LLC is an international delivery agency that has been around the logistic market for almost a decade. It’s an attractive option for both individuals and businesses thanks to the quality of customer service it provides across such niches as:

  • international logistics
  • eCommerce
  • dropshipping
  • delivery of the inventory
  • warehousing.

Uss-Express is a widely-known company because it satisfies the requirements of clients both from Europe and Asia. Above all, Uss-Express is a transparent employee. So today we will focus on the description of its vacancy of the quality manager.

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The job of a quality manager: salary, duties, and work from home

The vacancy of a quality manager is a perfect choice for you if you are sick of looking for “job near me” vacancies. Thi position is for those who want to develop personal and professional skills and work from home. To apply for this remote job, you need to send a resume. This vacancy has a low entry-level so you will easily meet the requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a personal computer or laptop
  • Have a cell phone with a camera
  • Have a physical address: house or apartment
  • Have access to a printer

If you are hired, you will need to cope with the following duties:

  1. processing of the orders;
  2. checking the quality of goods and materials;
  3. monitoring the quality of work of shippers;
  4. following the requirements of the client;
  5. taking actions to fix urgent issues;
  6. keeping in touch with a supplier.

You can sample the job during the trial period to figure out if it suits you. We guess you will like it when you learn how much you can earn in this position. The average salary for part-timers starts from $1700, which isn’t lower than the incomes of workers in Amazon.

Testimonials of employees on Indeed

When you look for an employer, we recommend you study the testimonials of other workers. Indeed, for example, it is a reliable source of information. Here is what Indeed users who work in Uss-Express say about the company:

  1. A current quality manager from USAR Center, NC: “ they took me in a week, as they have been considering the candidacy for a long time. Of course they taught me, showed all the nuances, down to the smallest detail. Then a week later I was registered, everything is as it should be. I get my salary on time, without delays. The bosses are good, they always treat with understanding and go to the meeting. There is no career, but the most important thing is stability.” 
  2. A former manager from New Jersey: “The company has very strict rules for the confidentiality of personal data. I always received my salary on time, there were no problems with that. In general, the work is good, but not interesting and there is no development prospects.”

As we can see from these two reviews, their workers like competitive salaries and flexible conditions but they find Uss-Express a rather poor option for career development.

It’s also important to make sure you work with a legit company. Here is what users of Trustpilot think about Uss-Express.

  1. Scott from the US: “I appreciate this job because the salary is worth working for. Although being aware of everything happening to supply chains and other stuff like that is difficult, but I try my best)”
  2. Richard Walker from the US: “I’ve been working for Uss-Express as a quality manager for almost 2 years now, and the most important thing I’d like to point out is that this remote job was like a rescue for me during the first serious lockdown.”

To sum it up, Uss-Express is worth paying attention to and its score on Indeed and Trustpilot prove this better than anything else.