Seven Places You Should Visit in The State of Tennessee

Travelers of various types, including history lovers, environmentalists, and music enthusiasts, enjoy a trip to the Volunteer State. It might be challenging to know how much to see and do here. To identify the top tourist destinations in Tennessee, US News considered various factors, such as the variety of attractions, accessibility, cost, and culinary alternatives. Want to pick a spot in Tennessee for your next vacation? Select from the ones mentioned below.


If you’ve heard at least some music in your life, you know about Elvis Presley. Perhaps one of the most influential Elvis Presley’s houses, the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll! The King’s 13.8-acre estate, a museum that his daughter currently owns and manages, is located near Memphis. The home, often called Graceland, is a must-see. If you’re an ardent Elvis fan, even one day here might not feel like enough time.

In addition, the White House in Memphis receives the most visitors in the US. That conveys a great deal! The location of the legendary Martin Luther King Jr.’s shooting will pique your interest if you enjoy history. The hotel served as a center for the civil rights movements and is now a museum. It will take you through a past that is rich with history.


Like Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg is a mountain town with a lot to do both in the summer and the winter. Book lodging in Gatlinburg before you leave for here to avoid last-minute hassles. Once done, you can thoroughly enjoy this picturesque town.

Undoubtedly, one of the world’s most exciting pastimes is rafting. If you feel up to it, you may go white-water rafting and take in the scenery while you navigate the powerful water currents. If you’re traveling during winter, take a tram through the heart of Gatlinburg during the winter months to reach the mountain range where Ober Gatlinburg is located.Here, you may enjoy the winters by skiing or ice skating. 


Nashville has a long musical history and is regarded as the home of country music, which is possibly the most popular music genre in the United States. Nashville, Tennessee’s state capital, is the epicenter of the music industry. That’s because music will always be present, no matter where you are.

One of the US’s most well-known live country music stage performances is held in Music City, often known as Nashville. Check out the Country Music Hall of Fame while you’re there. If you enjoy listening to music, you will be enthralled by the images of the inductees. At the Ryman Auditorium, legends including Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Harry Houdini, Charlie Chaplin, and Elvis Presley have performed. It’s a must-visit for every music enthusiast.


Chattanooga is a different city adjacent to the Smoky Mountains National Park and offers a variety of getaways. Chattanooga is a city that has everything under one roof and is well known for its architecture, lakefront, art, and rich history.

There is a good reason why the gorge next to the river is referred to as “Tennessee’s Grand Canyon.” You may relax by renting a boat or raft, floating along the river while taking in some of the most picturesque sights. You may ascend the mountains on an inclined railway while taking in the spellbinding scenery. Views of Georgia, the adjacent state, may be seen from above. Ruby Falls, the state’s tallest waterfall, is the perfect way to round off your trip to the summit. Last but not least, along the river in Tennessee.

Smoky Mountains National Park

Smoky Mountains National Park is located just next to Gatlinburg. Here, rising early in the morning might reward you with a beautiful view of the sun illuminating the mountain range and enhancing its splendor. Consider going in the fall to witness even more vivid hues.

To experience the journey to the fullest, drive across the national park, stopping to snap pictures, rest, and enchant oneself as you see fit. If you can’t resist your inner adventure seeker, think about going horseback riding or hiking. When you feel like doing additional exploration, pick one of the several trails and go on a hike. The best thing is that, because of the range of path lengths and difficulty range, hiking is accessible to people of all fitness levels.

Horseback riding in the Smokys maybe even more enjoyable, and youngsters can get more from it. No matter which way you explore the park, there is a greater-than-even chance that you will run into its residents. The park’s 500,000 acres are home to numerous plant and animal species that will simply blow you away! It is also the second-most visited national park on the continent, maybe because of these factors!

Pigeon Forge

This town has a lot to offer and is well-known for Dollywood, an entertainment park that the oh-so-famous Dolly Parton co-owns. If you’re fortunate, you could even run intoDolly Parton, the legend herself.

In addition to the well-known amusement park, Pigeon Forge can enable you to cross things off your must-do list. This mountaintop village is home to many breathtaking vistas. The Titanic Museum has a life-sized replica of the ship’s grand staircase for fans. There are also 400 real relics from the actual ship for history buffs to admire.


The third-largest city in Tennessee and the location of its first capital, Knoxville, sometimes go unnoticed, but once tourists learn about the lovely and historic city, its approachable downtown, and its closeness to the Great Smoky Mountains, they frequently become admirers.

The glittering Sunsphere, a 266-foot-tall gold-tinted tower constructed for the 1982 World’s Fair, is one of Knoxville’s most recognizable monuments. It is one of the numerous attractions in the city and is now an observatory at the World’s Fair Park.


Tennessee is home to some of the country’s most beautiful towns, scenery, and landscapes. Tennessee is a top contender for tourist destinations with varying climatic conditions and lots to do. The tips above will help you plan a trip to the cities and places that suit you best and ensure you have the time of your life.