Signs That Tell It’s Time For You To Replace Or Repair Your Sliding Door

If you are here today, you probably already know that sliding doors are the new talk of the town when it comes to home or office decor. Not only are they attractive but they are convenient too so if you’ve installed some in your house, you’ve made a wise decision. Especially, if you are the kind of person who wants some natural light entering their living space then sliding doors are the best option. 

However, just like any other doors and windows, even the sliding ones come with their own issues of repairs and maintenance. This is exactly what we are here to talk about today. 

For someone who never had much experience with sliding doors before, it can be confusing to tell if you should get your doors replaced or repaired. Here are some obvious signs that tell, it’s time for you to invest in a professional door repair Rochester NY company

1-It’s Difficult To Slide The Door 

If it’s difficult to slide the door smoothly, you should first inspect the main problem. It can be mud, dirt or some obstruction stuck in the tracks which can easily be cleaned. But sometimes, when sliding the door becomes difficult, there can be some other serious or complicated damage like broken rollers. Broken rollers can get repaired but if there’s more to it then it’s high time for you to opt for door replacement.

2- Misaligned Door

Alignment is a must when it comes to sliding doors. You are supposed to check if the door is properly aligned. For this, all you have to do is to stand back and check if the door looks straight to you. If not, a misaligned door can cause more damage than you can imagine, and ultimately it will cost you more to get it repaired. The alignment issue usually occurs when the screws attached to the track are loose. If tightening the screws doesn’t help then you should call a professional and get the problem fixed or one day, the whole glass door might fall out. 

3-Gaps In The Door 

This problem usually occurs when the door is not installed properly in the first place. If you see some gaps between the door and its frame, you’ll have to spend more on the heating and cooling systems of your house. Not just this but the outside of the door won’t be secure either. In this situation, you don’t have to worry about replacing your sliding door, just call a professional and get it repaired or installed again, properly. 

4-Damaged Glass

Cracks and scratches are inevitable when it comes to your sliding doors. It’s not necessary for something to hit the glass for it to break because sometimes even extreme weather conditions can also damage the glass. If the glass is broken or if you see cracks that are growing every day then you’ll have to get the entire glass replaced. The replacement isn’t easy which is why you should leave it to a professional. 

5-Bent Track 

A bent track is the kind of issue that can sooner or later cause more trouble. In the beginning, you might just experience difficulty in opening and closing the door smoothly but if it continues, the whole glass might fall out of the tracks. This can be dangerous and it can even damage the glass which was just fine before. To save yourself from additional repair or replacement costs, the wiser thing to do is to get the problem fixed right away. 

These are the signs that tell if you need to get your sliding door repaired or replaced. Now that you know, inspect your doors properly and if required, call a professional to fix it for you before it becomes a costly matter. 

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